Thursday, August 17, 2017

Use of Electronic Devices in Classroom Teaching

New Doc 4[3]- by Urjit Kushalkar XC

Learning through interactive gadgets in schools is as much fun as watching a favorite movie or a music video. Due to new and advanced technology, the standard of teaching and learning has changed a lot. Now a days teaching and learning in schools with electronic gadgets is a bit challenging for teachers and students. Making use of electronic gadgets in the classrooms such as iPods, Smart Board, digital electronic devices, Tablet PC and so on, satisfies the growing standards of technology and prepares the students for their further life.

These electronic gadgets make the students think beyond their books and explore the learning matter as much as they can. Introduction of gadgets in schools will change the entire scenario of teaching and its effect will be beyond the teacher’s expectations. It also helps the students to learn from the gadgets and enhance their learning skills. Today, most of the school systems have technology standards that all students must attain through their education. It helps the students to explore and possess the knowledge needed for the entire academic year. Electronic gadgets are not only useful for the students but they are also helpful for the teaching staff. The teachers have to be given proper training to use these advanced gadgets to teach the students in an effective way. Learning with advanced technology motivates the students to think beyond the notebooks and assists them to improve their learning skills. Learning from the Tablet PC is easy and can be practiced at home. Children are the best users and can deal with all the aspects of the Tablet PC. It is easy, portable and convenient to use.

As the society is becoming more and more technologically advanced, education systems have to keep up with the trend and equip students with better preparation for life outside the school. Hence the education system must introduce electronic gadgets with an impetus for integrated technology standards for real life. We can find that kids are more exposed to digital devices and find it interesting to learn and play with these devices. Electronic gadgets engage all the learning styles with audio, video, digital cameras, security devices etc. The children are safe and secure learning through these devices.

These gadgets have made the learning environment more engaging and interesting. Thus, introduction of high-tech digital devices in schools will make the teaching work easier than before. High-tech devices help to improve the quality of education in today’s schools. Kids enjoy all the required privileges of learning with electronic gadgets.

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