Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Friendship is like a ship, which will never sink.
Friendship is like a straight line, that will not bend.

Friendship is a budding rose, with sweetness rising from each fold
Friendship is a bond, which can never be scattered.

In every friendship trust is most important,
But friendship like ours is so rare to find these days.

A friendship that knows your strengths and weaknesses,
your ugly side and still chooses to remain by your side.

In my life, I won't judge when friendship will be disappointed or rejected,
Because our friendship is a true friendship.

                                                                                    --Rujul S. Mande - VII A


Patriotism, what is patriotism ?
Is it to cry praises of the country ?
Or is it to die for the Motherland ?
Does it mean passively following our leaders,
like a herd of sheep ? Or does it mean
rising up, pushing everyone, everything down deep

No, patriotism means to be
committed to the country where
we grew, to fight against corrupt
leaders, if they tryto limit
our freedoms, our futures,our passion,
to serve our country the best we could do.

To be a patriot does not
mean you have to be a soldier,
It does not mean you have
to be a Prime Minster. It
means you have to be devoted,
to strive hard and to be committed,
to make your country the
best, the number 1 !
To work hard, to make your
country the best for everyone.

      Nachiket Ghalsasi -VIII / A


The whole world,
God has created.
On 28th Feb,
The great SCIENCE DAY is celebrated!

In groups the organisms are classified,
In which some live on land, some in water and some can glide.
Mammals like us have many features,
By God, we are the best ever made creatures.

Science is divided into various courses,
For our development it is one of the main sources.
Because of it our country has moved forward by step one
In science related things our country has always won

Science is fantastic and really neat
It has forces and waves, energy and heat
It shows us how substances interact
And when we push things, they push us back.

We study the universe from big to small
There are galaxies or carbon atoms in a ball
So let’s celebrate Science Day
And give science a Hip! Hip! Hooray

                                                                                Tarun Mallya - VIII A

Monday, January 21, 2019

My journey of NCSC 2018

Agasti Deshpande - IX A

My name is Agasti Deshpande. I am from 9th A and this year my partner Aayush Shitut from 9th Band I, under the guidance of Reshma tr participated in the 26th National Children’s Science Congress. Also with us were, Aditya Tekchandani from 9th A, Dhruv Karde from 9th A, Mrugank Pathare from 8th B and Sarth Jagtap from 8th C.We prepared our projects in room 413. This was one of the most fun days we ever had in our school days. We all helped each other in the decoration, in the preparation of charts and almost everything.
Our first level was just submitting our project books, that is the readings of our experiments. We all passed that level. Then was the oral presentation which was conducted as the district level in Cambridge school, Andheri. My team passed that level and then we moved on to the pre-state level.
 In the pre-state level I again had to submit my new readings. Then, after a few days the result came and our team was selected for the state level! The state level was conducted in Harali which is a place in Solapur. We stayed over there for two days. I passed the first round which was on the first day which was conducted in individual classes. Then came the 2nd round which was in front of everyone. We won the second round and got selected for the National level!
     The National level was going to be conducted in Bhubaneshwar in Odisha. Sadly for that only the group leader was to go. So I went alone. At first, I was a little nervous about going. After landing at Bhubaneshwar, our group from Maharastra was picked up by the bus which was sent by Shiksha O’ Anusandhan which is a University, about half an hour from the airport. I stayed there for six days. On the first day we just got our rooms and made ourselves comfortable. There were three students in each room. Then during dinner I made a lot of friends. I made over 19 new friends! It was a really great experience for me to stay on my own.
On the second day a few students from each state had presented their projects. A few of didn’t have our presentations on that day so we went to see the science exhibitions. We also attended a few lectures given by scientists. On the second day I had my presentation. It went great! The judges seemed to like my presentation. After the oral presentation, I had my chart/poster presentation in the exhibition hall. I explained my project to many people who visited the exhibition. On the third day many of us finished our oral and poster presentation so it was relaxing time. After lunch we helped others from our group in setting up their charts. Fourth day was again for relaxation. On the fifth day we had our field trip to Konark temple. It was really beautiful.
Alas! The sixth and final day had arrived. I got my result and I was in top 50 from 800 students from all over India and a few other gulf countries. Then we celebrated. I bought every one pizza from pizza hut. As it was 31st of December, we all cut the New Year Cake. We all were very happy but a little sad too as we had to wave each other goodbye. But we all promised each other to meet again someday.

This was experience about my NCSC journey!
Thank you.
By Agasti Aniruddha Deshpande

Thursday, December 20, 2018


(27th , 31st  December, 2018,Bhubaneshwar)
A program of NCSTC,Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)

                Project of our students is selected for presentation at the above Congress. Hearty Congratulations to the students and their guide Mrs. Reshma Shinde , Science teacher, Vidya Mandir English Medium. State Level National Children's Science Congress was held at Jnana Prabodhini, Harali, Taluka-Lohara, District-Osmanabad  from 29th to 1st December 2018.
Mst. Agasti Aniruddha Deshpande and
Mst. Aayush Ulhas Shitut
presented their project on the topic :  To Study the different bio-indicators of environmental pollution. It was selected for National Level Congress which is to be held from 27th December to 31st December 2018 at Sikshaa 'O' Anusandhan Deemed to be University Bhubaneshwar-751030, Odisha, India.

Mst. Aayush Ulhas Shitut -IX
Mst. Agasti A. Deshpande- IX

Title Of the ProjectTo Study the different bioindicators of environmental Pollution.

Abstract of the Project
     Use of bio-indicator species for assessing water-quality or detecting water pollution represents a simpler and cheaper alternative to high-tech equipment which may prove too complex or costly for some users. 
     This experiment tries to examine the potential of Moina as a bio-indicator for the level of dissolved oxygen in water.
     Water samples collected from 6 different sources were used to determine the efficacy of Moina as a bio-indicator.  Our observations show that this organism can be used  to detect low levels of dissolved 0xygen in water.
     The unique ability of Moina to create heamoglobin in hypoxic conditions has potential for further research in medical science in the treatment of anemia.

Friday, November 16, 2018


The lamps were lit,
And Lanterns were set high.
Whoosh! Went the rockets,
Sailing towards the sky.

Fused into colours,
The rangolis were born.
They slept near the door way,
Wishing and greeting everyone.

The pure aroma of sweets,
Gushed into my nose.
Yeah! I had stomach aches,
But blames were put on those.

The house was decorated,
Atmosphere was enchanted.
Windows were lighted,
Cause holidays were granted.

Mud became our friend,
Cause fort was to be made.
Maharaj still rules our heart,
His valour would never fade.

Those silent peaceful nights,
Were missing everywhere.
Cause over enthusiastic fire crackers,
Were present over there.

The rich, the poor,
The old and the young.
All came together,
And songs were what we sung.

Everything was new,
From head to toes.
Goddess was welcomed,
And spiritual thoughts arose.

So friends, family and everyone
Make yourself jolly.
Wish you a very happy
And prosperous DIWALI

                                                  ~ KSHITEEJ PAWAR (10/B)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Divya M. Naik - VIII C


Family comes together,
For always and forever,
In sickness and in health,
In poverty or in wealth.

Without any reason,
Anytime or any reason,
Whether for work or for play,
They somehow find a way.

In anger or in kindness,
Whether all seeing or in blindness,
Family comes together,
For always and forever.

School is something,
We all must embrace.
Knowledge we need,
To seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,
Are plentiful and varied,
Just like the backpacks,
That needs to be carried.

Sports, clubs and activities
At every single turn,
So much to do,
And so much to learn.

To get most from the school,
We should consistently attend
At every corner of the classroom,
There is always a friend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

-     Lipakshi Anil Dalvi  X-B

The Green Quilt
These trees entangled with each other,
They are so tall and strong.
Those mountains covered by a Green quilt
And the shade of Green spread all over.
When we approached the apex of the ghat,
The clouds came down only to meet me.
The huge Sun is shining brightly,
While settin’ between the valley.
The Sun rays dancing through the trees,
Though covered, they still find a way.
Like golden dust and silver stars falling from the skies!
Gave me ‘peace' and ‘anxiety' was taken away.
The mesmerising company of nature enchanted me,
I wonder how creative the Creator was,
That He beautifully designed nature without a single flaw!

Where nobody knows my name.

I want to visit a place,
Where nobody knows my name
And in such a case,
There will be no competition for fame.
If I find such a colony,
Where nobody knows my name
I know I will be lonely
And have no buddy for playin' a game.
Findin' a place like this would be a wonder,
Where nobody knows my name.
I can do any error and blunder
Coz neither one can recognise me nor blame!
I wish to visit such a place,
Where nobody knows my name
So I can create any horrible mess
And wander everywhere without any shame


A town without me

If there's a town
A town without me,
Will my friends be dancing
And singing without me?
If there's a town
A town without me,
Will someone do stupid blunders,
Just like me ?
If there's a town
A town without me,
Who will eat those cheesy pizzas
And weekly visit the food street?
If there’s a town
A town without me,
With whom will my buddy share secrets ,
Is there anyone who will listen just like me?
If there's a town
A town without me,
With whom will my mom talk
And shout at my every silly fault?


So many voices in the heart have been clogged
Those little eyes for nights and nights have sobbed.
Numberless speeches, craving to be free
Those who are caged with a lock and key.
Those tired hands trapped under a burden,
Whose dreams and spirits are broken.
Faded was the innocence on their face-
Those immature turned mature, and
Bitterly missed their childhood days.
Their smashed spirits tryin' to rise again.
On the way to liberty
They should outdare and face pain.
They shall get freedom from this agony!


Nachiket Ghaisasi - VIII A

Swing! Run! We’ve made a home run!
Jump! Shoot! We’ve scored a hoop!
Lunge! Slam! At the net the ball they ram.
If you can’t fly then climb, If you can’t climb then swim, If you can’t swim then run.
It doesn’t matter if you win or not, as long as do your best and have fun.

Just keep kicking, just keep swimming, there’s only one more stroke.
Just keep running, just keep striving, there’s only few metres at most.
Just keep punching, just keep dodging, a fight is won with one good stroke.
Just keep playing, just keep training, when you lose don’t lie around and mope.
Just keep believing, just keep persevering, Victory is closer than you’d hope.

Don’t do it yourself, pass the ball. It’s all for one and one for all.
It doesn’t matter whether you play in a basketball court or a football oval,
It doesn’t matter if you swim in pools or climb tall mountains,
It doesn’t matter whether you do track and field or volleyball,
As long as you play a sport, you’ve got it all.


Tarun U. Mallya – VIII A

The greatest player of football
Who is an inspiration for all,
Who is he?
He is Lionel Messi

I’m his big fan and follower,
He is greatest in the world all over,
His every match, I have seen,
He is the only man to come in my dream.

He scored many many goals,
Some penalties, some by freekicks,
Some by head, some by chest,
For me he is the best.

He scored many hat-tricks,
He beat many goalkeepers,
I collect his photos
From every newspaper.

I always dream to be like Messi,
I know it is not so easy,
I will be very happy
If I get such an opportunity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Achievement - National Congress Science 2018

Name of the students :- Mst. Aayush Shitut and Mst. Agasti Deshpande - (IX)

Three projects were selected for district level for National Congress Science. Of three one got selected for prestate in senior category. This project will now represent mumbai for prestate. This program is very prestigious and goes till Delhi. Mrs. Suchita Despande, Reshma teacher and Rekha teacher have taken enormous efforts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My views on Plastic ban

Soham Nadkarni - XA
I was walking on a street in the scorching summer of May in peak afternoon sunlight  in the 90's. I was parched. The extreme heat of the afternoon made all the shopkeepers close their shops and go home for a siesta. I was desperate to find a bottle of Coca cola. Finally I found one. I went in and bought a bottle for 60 rupees. I was about to drink it but suddenly the bottle fell down and the glass broke! I had lost my money.
In order to avoid such silly losses, man has invented a better, easy and affordable alternative ‘Plastic’. When it was invented, it was like the best invention till date. Paper bags are expensive because they are made from the bark of trees. Glass is fragile as it is vulnerable to damage.
Plastic spread like a wild fire amongst various industries especially packaging. From big shopping malls to small grocery stores, it began to be used everywhere.
However, plastic is a double edged sword. It is non-degradable. Polythene, a type of plastic cannot be recycled. It cannot be burned as it releases toxic gases. It blocks the drainage system which causes floods. Animals have started consuming plastic along their food. The beaches are strewn with litter.
On considering all of the above disadvantages, Maharashtra government has taken a new initiative to ban plastic. The city of Mumbai experienced floods twice in the last two decades. Once in 2005 and another in 2017.  Cases of water-logging have become a constant feature.
Maharashtra government decided to  ban plastic bags. The decision was taken on the occasion of GudiPadva on 18th March 2018. It prohibits shopkeepers from giving the customers bags made from plastic. However, the ban had not been stricted implemented due to the inconvenience it would cause to the people. The ban was brought into effect on 23rd June, 2018.  It was declared that any individual found carrying plastic bags would be charged a fine of 5000 rupees. Until the government finds an alternative, plastic would be allowed in the packaging  industry. 
The government is aware about the problems faced by the people but at the same time realizes that stringent measure have to be taken to protect our environment.  We should ban the items such as thermocol and plastic that are proving to be hazardous our environment.
Thus,  I feel the decision taken by the government to ban plastic is necessary.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Parineeta A Kulkarni - XA

Incredible, is how we are
By living differently together.
Aryabhatt gave zero
And the world developed further.

Incredibly, is how they lived
Our ancestors, who sacrificed lives
For the country to be as it is now
Ferocious fire did not frighten the wives.

Incredulous, we are now
Who would want to live here?
When there are opportunities outside
What about the people of yesteryear, and their fear?

Their fear during attacks,
The way they cowered,
During open slaughters,
The blood that was showered.

                                                     Incredible is how we want to be  developed  
                                                          With Progress as our aim
                                                       We promise to never give up.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jai Hind

 Saachee - X


People – they are afraid of death,
When they really don’t know
Its true meaning.
But I am not;
For I have seen my brother
Wrapped in the Tiranga,
With an invisible and content
Smile on his face.
And that has changed it all.
Now, I dare to play
On tall mountains and in dense forests.
The game,
Where my victory is India,
Defeat is Fear
And award is Death.
Thus I do not fear;
For I’ll embrace that Death
Which calls me shouting “Jai Hind”
And takes me to my Tiranga…