Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Achievement - National Congress Science 2018

Name of the students :- Mst. Aayush Shitut and Mst. Agasti Deshpande - (IX)

Three projects were selected for district level for National Congress Science. Of three one got selected for prestate in senior category. This project will now represent mumbai for prestate. This program is very prestigious and goes till Delhi. Mrs. Suchita Despande, Reshma teacher and Rekha teacher have taken enormous efforts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My views on Plastic ban

Soham Nadkarni - XA
I was walking on a street in the scorching summer of May in peak afternoon sunlight  in the 90's. I was parched. The extreme heat of the afternoon made all the shopkeepers close their shops and go home for a siesta. I was desperate to find a bottle of Coca cola. Finally I found one. I went in and bought a bottle for 60 rupees. I was about to drink it but suddenly the bottle fell down and the glass broke! I had lost my money.
In order to avoid such silly losses, man has invented a better, easy and affordable alternative ‘Plastic’. When it was invented, it was like the best invention till date. Paper bags are expensive because they are made from the bark of trees. Glass is fragile as it is vulnerable to damage.
Plastic spread like a wild fire amongst various industries especially packaging. From big shopping malls to small grocery stores, it began to be used everywhere.
However, plastic is a double edged sword. It is non-degradable. Polythene, a type of plastic cannot be recycled. It cannot be burned as it releases toxic gases. It blocks the drainage system which causes floods. Animals have started consuming plastic along their food. The beaches are strewn with litter.
On considering all of the above disadvantages, Maharashtra government has taken a new initiative to ban plastic. The city of Mumbai experienced floods twice in the last two decades. Once in 2005 and another in 2017.  Cases of water-logging have become a constant feature.
Maharashtra government decided to  ban plastic bags. The decision was taken on the occasion of GudiPadva on 18th March 2018. It prohibits shopkeepers from giving the customers bags made from plastic. However, the ban had not been stricted implemented due to the inconvenience it would cause to the people. The ban was brought into effect on 23rd June, 2018.  It was declared that any individual found carrying plastic bags would be charged a fine of 5000 rupees. Until the government finds an alternative, plastic would be allowed in the packaging  industry. 
The government is aware about the problems faced by the people but at the same time realizes that stringent measure have to be taken to protect our environment.  We should ban the items such as thermocol and plastic that are proving to be hazardous our environment.
Thus,  I feel the decision taken by the government to ban plastic is necessary.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Parineeta A Kulkarni - XA

Incredible, is how we are
By living differently together.
Aryabhatt gave zero
And the world developed further.

Incredibly, is how they lived
Our ancestors, who sacrificed lives
For the country to be as it is now
Ferocious fire did not frighten the wives.

Incredulous, we are now
Who would want to live here?
When there are opportunities outside
What about the people of yesteryear, and their fear?

Their fear during attacks,
The way they cowered,
During open slaughters,
The blood that was showered.

                                                     Incredible is how we want to be  developed  
                                                          With Progress as our aim
                                                       We promise to never give up.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jai Hind

 Saachee - X


People – they are afraid of death,
When they really don’t know
Its true meaning.
But I am not;
For I have seen my brother
Wrapped in the Tiranga,
With an invisible and content
Smile on his face.
And that has changed it all.
Now, I dare to play
On tall mountains and in dense forests.
The game,
Where my victory is India,
Defeat is Fear
And award is Death.
Thus I do not fear;
For I’ll embrace that Death
Which calls me shouting “Jai Hind”
And takes me to my Tiranga…


Lipakshi A.Dalvi - XB

This subject is so boring,
Yet some people find it scoring.
Prior to the exams I get nightmares,
That all the attempts go wrong and the paper then the teacher tears.
I always curse the person who invented this subject,
And for him my heart is full of hate.
When the teacher is teaching I completely understand the sum,
I don't know what happens in the exams, I mess up and come back home.
My brain stops functioning,says
Buddy,let's give up over this thing!
You know?
How shameless I m ,
Instead of practising Geometry,
I'm composing this poetry!

We will make our country the Best


 Harshali D Nagwekar -XA

It's our time to wake up
let's make our country secure
where every individual plays an important role
we will make our country the Best

It's our time to spread happiness
let's make our country satisfied
where every individual is a part of our family
we will make our country the Best

It's our time to be united
Let's make our country powerful
where every individual thinks about our country
we will make our country the Best

It's our time to spread cleanliness
Let's make our country The Clean India
Where every individual thinks about nature
we will make our country the Best

It's our time to be patriotic
Let's make our country proud
where every individual takes a step towards surroundings
we will make our country the Best


It’s Our India

Kshitij Pawar - XB

Let’s make a country,
free from corruption.
Let the ideas from the young minds,
Come out like a volcanic eruption.

Let’s hoist our flag,
So high in the sky.
Where no living being,
Has ever tried to fly.

Let our deeds,
Be pinned as records.
Wherever we go, people should proclaim-
“Here come the legends!”

Whenever we’ve been inquired,
“For what do we stand?”
“We mind our own business,
And serve our motherland!”

Let the blood lost,
Never go in vain.
Always remember,
It is less than the gain.

Let’s make a mark,
Darker than a stain.
Who won the match?
It’s India again!

Whatever you do,
Never feel shy.
You have got wings to fly.

In terms of boundaries,
Our country may be small.
But united we stand,
Divided we fall.


Lipakshi A. Dalvi - XB

Our country has a golden envelope,
Which has a message to make it developed.
But for that, we all need to come together,
And take efforts and make our India better .
We should think,slog,dream and have high hopes,
Expecting,on the way of prosperity 
there will be many ups and downs and slopes.
To overcome them all, alternatives, 
solutions we should find.
The most important key we must have is,
We should be determined!
The Golden envelope has a smooth,
silky and rich ribbon, made up of 
threads of great culture and heritage.
This envelope has a frail but
 beautiful design of patriotic heroes and sage.
Inside this envelope,there are many secrets,
Which’ll conquer and win over 
all the black clouds of hates.
There are also some seeds in the envelope,
To help the country to become strong and developed.
When the seeds will be sown on the land of India,
There will be a new dawn and a new beginning of India.
When these seeds will grow big into plants and then trees,
It will cover whole world with happiness and peace.
So,what are we waiting for?
Let's open the envelope,and
Let our country develope!
Let's all witness this with our eyes,
And let India prosper in all aspects and in all skies,
I desperately wish that,
Let it develope until limitless heights!


Twinkle twinkle little star


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
The world is full of corruption yaar. 
Freedom is just an expression, 
You must not take any tension. 
Independence is not just a word  
It can be taught through poems and verse. 
Be the fighters of an independent world  
Like the eagle flying to catch a small bird. 
But now, from today the times will change 
As the old people have started to age. 
Their tech,their guns and their ammunitions 
Will be replaced by the new generations. 
So now, rise up for a better world  
As you are its part like a small tiny bird. 
Hunt your enemies and kill ‘em down 
As you are fighting for a big crown. 
Lift your spirits and turn ‘em on, 
As you’re fighting for a war 
 Which you’ve already won. 
People back then were called freedom fighters  
Who laid down their lives to overthrow Britishers 
We must fight for our country’s name
Not for money and fame. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Views On Plastic Ban

Aarya Sawant - XA

23rd June 2018, another historical day after demonetisation. The day of plastic ban in Maharashtra. Plastic, the companion since 1907, that turned into a backstabber. It was on its way to backstab nature.
But we are safe now as the government of Maharashtra has banned plastic. I mean to say partially safe. Yes, because we just banned plastic but what is the substitute for it. That we don’t know. Many of us just don’t want to know. We are just happy with the plastic ban just as we were quite happy using it. Who cares for the consequences?
'The Rome was not built in a day.' This phrase completely suits the current situation. The decision was surely appreciable. No doubt about it. But to implement some decisions we need  backup plans. And unfortunately the government forgot to have their backup plan ready. There were many new heads, who were trying to peep out , with a solution for plastic, a substitute . But no one paid attention to them due to many personal and political reasons. Actually there is a phrase in Marathi whose English translation is: One starts digging the well after he feels thirsty. And so, what is the solution now? There are no loopholes to come out of this issue. Instead of thinking now, we should have thought of it before.
Many people are still confused about the ban. No one knows which plastic is allowed and which is not. Even the officers that are charging us are not knowing, which plastic is actually banned. According to the decision of government 2.5mm plastic, polythene bags, plastic bottles and low grade plastic is banned. Whereas the plastic bags of good quality for e.g. The one we get in branded clothes stores, the plastic which is used for the packaging of medicines are still allowed. But still we maybe charged due to ignorance.
Due to this sudden decision the hotel businesses had to face a lots of loss. Even the fine is much too high at this stage. If proper substitutes would have been made available then the fine was surely understandable. Therefore, this decision seems to have just constructed a new way for the municipal officers to earn some easy money. Some are just on a rampage, charging the innocent public unnecessarily.
Yes, the decision was for the welfare of people and nature. But the way to implement it was not at all correct .

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ms. Mithila Dalvi’s workshop on ‘Learning Styles and English’

Ms. Mithila Dalvi,
Educational Consultant
Date / Time – 9th April, 2018 between 8.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. 

Attendees – Teachers from English Secondary, 
English Primary and Balodyan

Ms. Dalvi literally burst into Bhai Surve hall with an enthusiastic ‘Good morning’ at ten to eight and started setting up her laptop and ppt., telling us all the time to give her five minutes. Everyone relaxed. This was the first lesson: Give students time to chat, to relax and settle down. Ms. Dalvi was introduced by Ms. Honkote.
At the outset, Ms. Dalvi checked the retention and recall capacity of the teachers and made them realise what aspects are easier to remember. She told them to vary their tone of speech in a way that all become attentive and can decipher what is read or told. Avoid long, complicated sentences, she said.
             “Boys need several hours of free play to release their testosterone, their excess energy so please do not take away P.T. periods to teach other subjects,” Ms. Dalvi pleaded, “The more they play, the more they can concentrate on studies.” Madam went into the details of the topic for the day.
            Depending on the way we comprehend data, we have 3 learning styles - Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. In order to make learning more effective it is important that teachers learn to identify the different learning styles. A questionnaire was given to all the participants to help them identify their own learning style. A simple game was also played so as to identify behaviour of individuals belonging to different styles. With the help of an audio clip, a shadow play and several slides madam sensitized the teachers towards the different learning styles.
Auditory – These people talk a lot, they prefer listening to instructions, have good vocabulary, like songs, music and meeting people. The present teaching style is largely auditory but only 30% of people are auditory. Thus teaching-learning is not effective enough and doesn’t cater to all the students. To increase auditory skills, one needs to move around with friends and relatives, participate in group or creative activities.
Visual -  These individuals are very comfortable with forms, instruction manuals and written matter. They need to see to understand. Their imagination is good. They can be very disciplined, precise and organised. They don’t like a barrage of words, in fact they are not very friendly and prefer to be aloof. Being introverts, they love to work alone and have issues with social skills. They form pictures in their mind so they need more visual inputs in order to comprehend. Teachers need to provide a plethora of visual experiences to students as 65% of individuals are visually inclined. Use flash cards, charts and other visual aids to facilitate learning. Visual people can control their emotions. They think a lot so they are good at mental work, thus games such as chess, carrom and cricket wherein you need to plan strategies are preferred. Encourage students to put together a jigsaw puzzle, to build with blocks and to study maps.
Kinesthetic – These children rely on touch and even sometimes smell. They need action and movement thus they move around a lot. Physical activities, constant change in situations and variety appeal to them. Their facial expressions change easily so they are fond of acting, dancing, singing, fancy dress and role play. Adventure stories appeal to them. A magic kit would do wonders. Kinesthetic people find it difficult to focus for long, to construct sentences and to find appropriate words. They get distracted easily and become aggressive quickly. They dare to dive into situations without thinking too much therefore they can be the best firefighters or commandos. They love animals. 5% of individuals are kinesthetic. Educators need to play games, introduce skipping, juggling, swimming, skating, playing drums, tabla, dhol or similar activities as they would be exciting.
Why do educators need to know learning styles?
-         To increase learning capacity    
-         To overcome hurdles in class
-         To expand horizons of comprehension
-         To increase self confidence and belief in students
-         To teach in a way that suits maximum students
-         To improve the approach to examinations
-         To change yourself consciously and meet the greater goal
-         To improve communication
-         To become more accommodative

Points to remember
Never label children
Understand emotional intelligence
Bring in variation
There is fun in mental activities
Kinesthetic children need more acceptance
Learning styles can consciously be changed
Don’t pounce on children, Give them time

Ms. Dalvi’s effectiveness lay in her deep knowledge about the topic, her style of speaking, her delivery, her expressions and the citing of real life examples from drawn from a wealth of experience. The teachers were very impressed. Hope it has a lasting impact on all.

Date:  10th April 2018  Timing: 8.00 a.m- 1.00 p.m
                        The 2nd day of the workshop started at 8.00 a.m. Ms. S.S. Tharval ( Headmistress English Secondary Section ) welcomed the guest. Madam Mithila Dalvi introduced the topic ‘English’and also spoke about the fun-loving English language games which can enhance the knowledge of the subject  and also help to improve the vocabulary and grammar too. To begin with the session the teachers were divided into 9 teachers per group. Total 5 groups were formed. The teachers group were  rated according to the speed , performance and participation in the game. All the games played were group activities. 

 What are language games?
Language games are designed to make the teaching-learning process easier. It can be the best tool for the teacher. Teaching-learning process can be done in a relaxed atmosphere. The teachers’ dynamic teaching method can help her create an overwhelming response in the class. Thus, the English language teachers can value games to sustain fluency of the subject.
              Ms.Mithila Dalvi introduced the following games to the teachers:
1. Antakshari of living things   
2. Write the names of living things. 
3. Prepare words from the given word taking first two or last two letters of the given word.  
4. Prepare words using group of alphabets in the same order.  
5. Grow on a word.
6. Dictionary of alphabets.  
7. Memory Chain  
8. Prepare a new word after changing one letter at a time. 
9. Make sentences using the pair of words given.  
10. Prepare a short story from the given theme.
Importance/ Outcome of English language games:

  •  Students can interact and communicate well.
  •  Learning language games can help the child use his auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills.
  •  It caters to the needs of the present generation.
  •  It helps to improve the acquisition of language.
  •  It helps the child to build his self-esteem and self-confidence.
  •  It helps the teacher to have novelty in her teaching style.
  •  The fear factor of learning the subject can be removed.
  •  It helps the child involve in any creative and collective class activity.
  •  There can be variations in teaching methods and teaching style.
  •  It helps to increase the learning capacity of the child.
  •  It makes the classroom atmosphere lively.
  •  It helps to increase to concentration level of the child because the more the child plays the more he can concentrate.
  •  It helps the child to be more accommodative to each other.
  •  It helps to increase to physical movement of the child.
  •  A better language practice and revision can be given by the teacher.
  •  It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of the students.
  •  It helps the child to speak the language fluently due to continuous practice and regular usage of it.
  •  It helps the shy and introvert students of the class to be more expressive.
  •  It helps to add a welcome diversion from the normal activities of the class.
Thus, the second session of the workshop was more informative and practical. The language games would work more for pre-primary and primary section as the base of the subject can be strengthened in the roots. It can make the teacher too enthusiastic for her subject and help her design her subject to the best of teaching-learning style. The session was concluded at 1.00 p.m .Ms. Shravani S.Patankar an assistant teacher of English Secondary Section gave vote of thanks to the dynamic personality, Ms. Mithila Dalvi for her energy and spark  to make the 2 days sessions a grand success.Such innovative and informative programs should be conducted by Vidya Prasarak Mandal in future too.