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AWARDS and REWARDS – Felicitation ceremony

- by Aaryaa Gholkar - IX

It has been rightly said that ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it DSC_7026takes sweat, determination and hard work. These virtues are always displayed by the students as well as teachers of VPM’s Vidya Mandir School. The institution also believes in commending the performance of the students to inspire them to scale greater heights and accolade the efforts of the teachers responsible for the outstanding accomplishment of students.


As every year, this year also a Felicitation ceremony was organized to honour meritorious students. This year it flaunted a different grandeur as the venue was the newly decorated and furnished school hall. On the day of felicitation, the school hall was magnificently yet ascetically decorated. Proud parents of the achievers started to pour in at 5.00 p.m on 23rd July, 2017, to witness the ceremony. Chief guests Mr. and Mrs. Tawde arrived at the scheduled time and were welcomed with an excellent Lezim performance by a group of girls clad in traditional sarees.


The ceremony started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest who was accompanied by his wife, Principals of both Marathi as well as English sections and other dignitaries of the school. The programme was set in motion with the school choir melodiously singing a welcome song and a prayer. Thereafter the Chief Guest was offered a Bouquet and his formal introduction was given by Mrs. Mahimkar.


The prize distribution started with students getting scholarship certificates and cash awards. The teachers who had mentored the students through these exams gave a very inspirational account of their experiences with the participants.


Then the prizes for Elementary and Intermediate drawing grade exams were given, followed by felicitation of Cambridge students excelling in the course for improvement of English speaking skills, grammar, etc. Everyone was impressed on listening to the students of Marathi medium delivering a speech proficiently in English. In this felicitation event over 150 prizes were given.


The Principal, Mr. Sudhir Desai, gave a very motivational speech. Finally, the Chief Guest Mr. Hemant Tawde, who is also an ex-student of Vidya Mandir, gave a speech to children about enhancing their abilities and giving back to the society by way of selfless service.


After his speech the special occasion was concluded with a thanks giving speech by Mrs. Pratima Chawla and with the school choir singing the National Song.

The function was compered by Mrs. Sujata Hede and Mrs. Ujwala Shinde

The Musical tree

Capture- By Agasti Deshpande - Std. VIII

Once there was a little girl named Neema. She used to livewith her family in Chakrata, a small village in the hills of Uttarakhand. Her mother was a farmer in the neighbouring village and her father was a shepherd. He used to take all the sheepfor grazing every 10‘oclock in the morning.

One day her father noticed that the sheers which he had been using were broken. He told Neema that he has to go the neighbouring town to bring some equipment and that he would be back in two days, so she has to take the sheep for grazing. Neema did as her father told her.

She took all the sheep for grazing. While all of them were munching on the green grass, Neema rested below a tree. When she woke up, she saw that it was almost 3’oclock! She hurried up and gathered all the sheep and started counting them. She noticed that two of them were missing!

For a better view, she climbed on the tree and started looking around. She saw them on the neighbouring hill. Neema put all the sheep in a fence and quickly started running to the other hill. As she reached the other hill, she caught both of them and attached a rope to their neck-strap, held the other end and started making her way to the other hill where all the sheep were.

Amoment later, she heard a sweet sound coming from the other side of the hill. She liked the melody, so she tied the rope to a tree and started following that sound.

Suddenly, Neema found herself sloshing through a fog and what she found was a place where there were uncountable flowers of various types. Later on, as she was jumping through flowers, she took a big leap and fell into the mouth of a big red flower. As she freed herself from that flower, she suddenly started feeling dizzy and she fell on the ground unconscious.

When she woke up she found herself on a bed which was made of leaves. She had a wet napkin on her fore-head and she saw something being cooked on stove. Suddenly, Neema saw a tall figure coming through the wooden door. When she looked a little harder, she realized that it was a TREE!

Neema was amazed by what she saw. The tree asked her if she was okay. She nodded. The tree took the pot from the stove and poured some soup out of it. The tree said that he had rescued her from that flower which squirted out some spores which makes people go to sleep. Neema drank the tasty soup and felt rejuvenated. She thanked the tree and hurriedly started running back towards the hill, where all the sheep had been kept, with the two sheep. Neema asked the tree to join her.He agreed.

The tree told her that she should not tell anyone about this secret place or else man would destroy it all. Neema promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone about it. As she reached the hill she was shocked! All the sheep had broken out of the fence and were roaming all around the hill.

Just then the tree, grew a stick out of his hand and then poked holes through it and turned it into a flute. He blew the flute and a sweet music came out and itattracted all the sheep and they started listening intently. The sheep approached one by one and they made it to the farm house. Neema was amazed as she realized it was the tree who had been making music after all.

Just then she saw her father coming up the hill. She was so happy as she had so much to share with him. She told her father that she wanted to introduce someone to him. She looked behind but she saw that the tree had just disappeared. The only thing that she could see was the flute made by the Musical Tree lying on the grass.

Oral health awareness campaign

Many dental issues tend to get ignored in case of kids, and eventually, they would be losing their teeth. But the primary teeth serve important functions like saving space for the permanent teeth and helping with chewing and speaking. So the oral health and hygiene of the tiny-tots should be given utmost priority.

Understanding the need of creating awareness about the oral health amongst the children, V.P.M’s Balodyan Section organized an ‘Oral health awareness campaign’ in association with ‘Indian Dental Association’ (IDA) for all the students of Balodyan section, on 18th August’2017. The children were explained the consequences of poor oral hygiene and poor food choices, the need to brush their teeth twice, the correct technique of brushing, gargling after every meal and avoiding sweet treats as much as possible.

The campaign focused on instilling the importance of oral health and hygiene in the young minds.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Play with clay in VPM’s Balodyan

- compiled by Mrs. Sonali Diwadkar

Play is the work of children. The children develop physical and social skills during their play. V.P.M’s Balodyan section ensures the development and learning of the children through play-way method. Various activities are conducted to hone the creativity of the children.

Clay modeling Activity was conducted on 18th August’2017 for Jr.K.G and Sr.K.G classes in Balodyan section. The children enjoyed creating various articles with clay. They created fruits, vegetables, food items, utensils, dolls, etc. with the clay. They enjoyed experimenting with clay. Clay gave them an opportunity to be creative as well as learn about the texture, shape and form whilst having lots of fun. Clay modeling also helps in the development of hand and eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.IMG-20170818-WA0030



















Thursday, August 17, 2017

Use of Electronic Devices in Classroom Teaching

New Doc 4[3]- by Urjit Kushalkar XC

Learning through interactive gadgets in schools is as much fun as watching a favorite movie or a music video. Due to new and advanced technology, the standard of teaching and learning has changed a lot. Now a days teaching and learning in schools with electronic gadgets is a bit challenging for teachers and students. Making use of electronic gadgets in the classrooms such as iPods, Smart Board, digital electronic devices, Tablet PC and so on, satisfies the growing standards of technology and prepares the students for their further life.

These electronic gadgets make the students think beyond their books and explore the learning matter as much as they can. Introduction of gadgets in schools will change the entire scenario of teaching and its effect will be beyond the teacher’s expectations. It also helps the students to learn from the gadgets and enhance their learning skills. Today, most of the school systems have technology standards that all students must attain through their education. It helps the students to explore and possess the knowledge needed for the entire academic year. Electronic gadgets are not only useful for the students but they are also helpful for the teaching staff. The teachers have to be given proper training to use these advanced gadgets to teach the students in an effective way. Learning with advanced technology motivates the students to think beyond the notebooks and assists them to improve their learning skills. Learning from the Tablet PC is easy and can be practiced at home. Children are the best users and can deal with all the aspects of the Tablet PC. It is easy, portable and convenient to use.

As the society is becoming more and more technologically advanced, education systems have to keep up with the trend and equip students with better preparation for life outside the school. Hence the education system must introduce electronic gadgets with an impetus for integrated technology standards for real life. We can find that kids are more exposed to digital devices and find it interesting to learn and play with these devices. Electronic gadgets engage all the learning styles with audio, video, digital cameras, security devices etc. The children are safe and secure learning through these devices.

These gadgets have made the learning environment more engaging and interesting. Thus, introduction of high-tech digital devices in schools will make the teaching work easier than before. High-tech devices help to improve the quality of education in today’s schools. Kids enjoy all the required privileges of learning with electronic gadgets.


Lord Krishna's Janamshtami celebrated by Primary section. Video by Mrs. Sujata Hede 


Monday, August 14, 2017

My Country – India

Aishwarya Raghunath Goriwale - VI B- by Aishwarya R. Goriwale – VI B

India makes me proud,

I’d like to shout aloud,

“India is mine.”

It is beautiful, wonderful and fine.

Here there is lots of love, lots of joy,

Lots of respect and lots of smile.

I wonder how many people live here,

While wandering here and there.

I know my wishes will be answered here,

Without any loss or fear.

As I have told you before,

One thing I am perfectly sure,

“India is mine.”

It is beautiful, wonderful and fine.


The Girl in the Red Hoodie

Agasti Aniruddha Deshpande - VIII B- by Agasti Deshpande - VIII B

There was a girl named Abigail also known as Abby. She was 17 years old. Her family had just shifted to New Orleans from Minnesota after her father’s transfer. She didn’t make any friends over here because she was feeling quite lonely as she was missing her friends.

A few weeks later her father and mother were told to do the night-shift, because of that she started to feel even more lonely. At night, she used to complete all her homework and then she just used to lie on the bed doing nothing.

One day as she went to sleep, she heard a sharp bangingof vessels coming from the kitchen. She quickly took her baseball bat and slowly started crawling down stairs to the kitchen.Just as she got inside the kitchen she heard a frightened voice, “Please don’t hurt me. I am very hungry, the backdoor was open and I just came to look for food.”,the voice said.Clipboard01

As Abby looked behind the fridge she saw a little girl, wearing a red hoodie sweater. ‘She must be an orphan,’ Abigail thought. “What is your name?”she asked. “Evelyn”, the girl answered. Abigail reached for the fruit basket and took out a fresh apple from it. “Take it”, she said. Then Evelyn ate it. She thanked Abby. She said that she could also call her Eve.

Abby told her that she could come to her house whenever she wanted. They became good friends. Every night she used to come to her house. They used to talk with each other and as they talked, eventually Abby went to sleep without realizing.

One day her Mom came home earlier than usual. She heard Abby talking to someone. She slowly went upstairs and she was so shocked by what she saw that she lost consciousness.

The next day when Abby woke up she saw that her Mom and Dad were not at home.She didn’t mind it and thought that they had gone to work and she made her lunch and went to her college. When she returned from college, she saw that her parents were still at home. She asked them, “Oh, hey there. I thought that you were in office.”

Her Mom told her to sit with her for some time for she wanted to talk with her about something. She asked her who was in her room the previous night? Abby said that she was her friend named Evelyn. She used to come to their house every night to spend time with her.

Her Mom told her that yesterday night she had heard them talking and when she had come to check she had seen that Abby was talking to a skeleton. Abby was shocked by her Mom’s words. Her Mom gave her a long piece of thread and a needle and told that the next time when Eve came she should tie the thread to her hoodie and the other end to her finger so that when she wouldleave the room the thread would follow her wherever she went.

Her parents again reminded her what to do and then, they went to their office. The night arrived and just as usual Eve came to her house. Without forgetting Abby tied the string to Eve’s hoodie. The night went by. The morning arrived. Abby woke up to see her parents sitting on her bed. They asked her if she had done as planned. They followed that string. It went from the bedroom to the corridor, to the stairs and eventually to the kitchen. What they found suspicious was that the string went straight through a wall in the kitchen.

Abby’s Mom and Dad called some men to break the wall. The men started breaking the wall. Brick by brick the wall began to collapse. The wall seemed to have multiple layers. As they got through the second wall, the third wall automatically collapsed by itself and with the concrete, bones began to fall.

As the men cleared the dust and the bones they found a red coloured hoodie with a note sticking out of its pocket saying- ‘Thank you Abigail, for showing kindness to me’- Evelyn.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

हस्तकौशल्य स्पर्धा

यशस्वी विद्यार्थिनी आणि त्यांच्या कलाकृती









ही आवडते मज मनापासुनी शाळा

ही आवडते मज मनापासुनी शाळा ;

लाविते लळा ही जसा माऊली बाळा !

शाळेविषयी ओढ असणार्‍या आमच्या चिमुकल्यांचे स्वागत करणे हा एक आनंददायी प्रवेशोत्सव असतो. त्याचे हे बोलके चित्रण :


- संकलक : सौ. माधवी परुळकर

आमचे छोटेखानी प्रदर्शन : प्राणी आणि त्यांचे निवारे

इ.3री च्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी परिसरातील प्राणी-पक्षी त्यांच्या हालचाली,त्यांचे निवारे यांचे निरीक्षण केले. मोठ्या उत्साहाने स्वनिर्मित निवारे तयार करून प्रदर्शन भरवले. प्राणी-पक्षी यांचे निवारे व संवर्धन याविषयी माहिती सांगितली.