Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Importance of Sports


- by Anjali Umesh Kulkarni IV-A

Games keep us active and healthy. They are good for our blood circulation, digestion and keep our brain healthy and active. They improve our muscular system. They give shape to our body and sharpen our mind.

There are two types of games, one is indoor games and the other is outdoor game. Indoor games are chess, carrom, table tennis etc., outdoor games include cricket, kabaddi, kho kho, hockey etc.

Games are an important part of education. Every game is played with certain rule which teaches us importance of discipline. Cooperation, team spirit and tolerance.

People who are good in sports also exhibit a lifestyle of great quality. They are more active in their day to day life and can take better decisions as a result of their balanced mental development. Not encouraging your children to participate in sports activities can make them inactive and grumpy as they turn into adults.

Games played internationally help us to have cordial relationship and great bonding with people of difference countries.

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