Monday, August 14, 2017

The Girl in the Red Hoodie

Agasti Aniruddha Deshpande - VIII B- by Agasti Deshpande - VIII B

There was a girl named Abigail also known as Abby. She was 17 years old. Her family had just shifted to New Orleans from Minnesota after her father’s transfer. She didn’t make any friends over here because she was feeling quite lonely as she was missing her friends.

A few weeks later her father and mother were told to do the night-shift, because of that she started to feel even more lonely. At night, she used to complete all her homework and then she just used to lie on the bed doing nothing.

One day as she went to sleep, she heard a sharp bangingof vessels coming from the kitchen. She quickly took her baseball bat and slowly started crawling down stairs to the kitchen.Just as she got inside the kitchen she heard a frightened voice, “Please don’t hurt me. I am very hungry, the backdoor was open and I just came to look for food.”,the voice said.Clipboard01

As Abby looked behind the fridge she saw a little girl, wearing a red hoodie sweater. ‘She must be an orphan,’ Abigail thought. “What is your name?”she asked. “Evelyn”, the girl answered. Abigail reached for the fruit basket and took out a fresh apple from it. “Take it”, she said. Then Evelyn ate it. She thanked Abby. She said that she could also call her Eve.

Abby told her that she could come to her house whenever she wanted. They became good friends. Every night she used to come to her house. They used to talk with each other and as they talked, eventually Abby went to sleep without realizing.

One day her Mom came home earlier than usual. She heard Abby talking to someone. She slowly went upstairs and she was so shocked by what she saw that she lost consciousness.

The next day when Abby woke up she saw that her Mom and Dad were not at home.She didn’t mind it and thought that they had gone to work and she made her lunch and went to her college. When she returned from college, she saw that her parents were still at home. She asked them, “Oh, hey there. I thought that you were in office.”

Her Mom told her to sit with her for some time for she wanted to talk with her about something. She asked her who was in her room the previous night? Abby said that she was her friend named Evelyn. She used to come to their house every night to spend time with her.

Her Mom told her that yesterday night she had heard them talking and when she had come to check she had seen that Abby was talking to a skeleton. Abby was shocked by her Mom’s words. Her Mom gave her a long piece of thread and a needle and told that the next time when Eve came she should tie the thread to her hoodie and the other end to her finger so that when she wouldleave the room the thread would follow her wherever she went.

Her parents again reminded her what to do and then, they went to their office. The night arrived and just as usual Eve came to her house. Without forgetting Abby tied the string to Eve’s hoodie. The night went by. The morning arrived. Abby woke up to see her parents sitting on her bed. They asked her if she had done as planned. They followed that string. It went from the bedroom to the corridor, to the stairs and eventually to the kitchen. What they found suspicious was that the string went straight through a wall in the kitchen.

Abby’s Mom and Dad called some men to break the wall. The men started breaking the wall. Brick by brick the wall began to collapse. The wall seemed to have multiple layers. As they got through the second wall, the third wall automatically collapsed by itself and with the concrete, bones began to fall.

As the men cleared the dust and the bones they found a red coloured hoodie with a note sticking out of its pocket saying- ‘Thank you Abigail, for showing kindness to me’- Evelyn.

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