Tuesday, August 8, 2017

StudentSpeak - Importance of sports in our life

Hello everyoneCapture2

My name is Avani Bhushan Rane. I am studying in 4th std

Today I am going to speak about sport

How sports are important in our life.

     Sports and games are activities which makes a person more capable with high level efficiency. Sports activities are very necessary for all especially children and youths, as it stimulates the physical and mental growth.  It improves memory level, concentration level and learning capacity of the children.

It makes a person with the mental and physical toughness by shaping the body and mind and removing tiredness. It improves blood circulation. It develops the habit of working team by developing the sense of friendliness among the team members.

      Children should participate in all the sports competition national as well as international. You can do physical exercises or play games at sport clubs, you can swim in swimming pools, play games on playgrounds.

       I think every season is good for sport. In summer, late spring and early autumn you can play outdoor games. You can play Indoor games all year round.

Variety of sports activities brings a lot of positive opportunities for us. There are various problems also occur however they do not matter.

       Sports are the way to big achievement in the children's life however depends on their active involvement and experiences they already have.

Getting interested in any of the sport gives a worldwide identification and life- long achievement.

        Thank you.

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