Friday, August 4, 2017


Labhansh Vinay Naik - VIII A- by Labhansh Vinay Naik VIII - A

We just can’t imagine life without water. It would be very harmful and an awful situation to arise in the world. All people will be just craving for water, especially freshwater. There would be droughts everywhere, farmers that grow crops which depend on rain would be frustrated, and they also may commit suicide having taken a huge loan to buy seeds and fertilizers. Only limited vegetation would be left.800px-Drought

There are two ways out of this situation, but they are not suitable for the entire world. Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries spend a lot of revenue to filter the sea water and purify it into drinking water. This process is called desalination. But this process is much too costly. Hence poor countries can’t afford it. India’s large population makes adoption of this method difficult.

But then, how are the plants going to get water? They need a specific amount of water to live and if they don’t get that much, they die. Such a terrible and horrid situation: No plants, no herbivores, no carnivores, and then just nothing. End of the food chain.

Another way is by compiling and using all the space related recent clues. NASA has found water on Mars beneath its pores. Planets beyond our Solar System in the Kuiper belt named from Mysterious 1- Mysterious 10 have high possibilities of containing H2O. We can launch a search for these possibilities also, although these are very huge ambitions. The ESA (European Space Agency) has said that they are going to launch a series of satellites in the coming decades to other galaxies to find a replica of our Solar System. The renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has said that our present lifestyle and the polluted earth will make it necessary for man to find solutions that relate to space research. main-solar-system

But can it happen that all the possibilities turn into failure? What can we do then? The answer is just NOTHING, we haven’t found the solutions yet.

Practically, the situation ‘NO RAINFALL’ can’t happen as rainfall depends on factors like seas and the sun; both of which can’t end. Therefore it is just a fictitious idea. But what if this‘Fiction’ turns into a ‘Fact’ due to our careless behaviour? Many problems, about which we can not even think of, may arise. The best example is Global Warming. Nowadays the Aeronautical departments are taking these situations seriously and their research is gaining speed thus trying to defeat time.

Mankind is progressing way faster than ever foreseen, but dangers are a part of our progress. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, now before taking any step further, Man should think a thousand times!!!

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