Monday, July 31, 2017

StudentSpeak - Importance of Good Habits

Capture- by Vedant Tushar Madaye, III-B

A very good morning to all. I am Vedant and I am going to speak on very common practices, which we generally do not follow. It’s nothing, but habits.

But friends tell me something… are habits really important?

Do they really make impact on us? Yes... practicing good habits in our lives, make us and our surrounding happy.

Friends…! Drinking enough water, taking healthy breakfast, brushing your teeth twice a day, wearing clean cloths playing games… ehh, ehh not on mobiles... Outdoor games… okk! and taking proper sleep. Are all good habits.

images (1)I know friends you all practice good habits daily because our teachers taught us to do so. Right! But our elders sometimes forget. Smoking, drinking alcohol, are very bad habits. It is our duty my friends, to inform them.

So, friends repeat with me...

“Good habits make good person… and good person make good environment”

Thank You