Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Autobiography of an Umbrella

Atharva Santosh Bodkhe - VI BMyself Atharva Bodkhe from 6B. Now I am going to share an Autobiography of an Umbrella with you.

I used to play everyday on the ground. There was one particular place to get relaxed, below an old Umbrella. One day as I was sitting under the umbrella, I started observing it. I found that the umbrella was different from others.

Suddenly, I heard a voice," Hello son, How are you? Don't be afraid my child. I am the umbrella above your head.''

I was shocked, I asked her softly.

"What happened? Why are you looking so sad?".

The umbrella started telling me its life journey.

"Eight years ago, I was especially made for the circus. The Circus owner wanted to have a show with the best joker in the circus. I was so big and very colourful. My wires were golden and my border decorated with a nice frill. I was looking very pretty, when the joker was opening me during Umbrellathe show. All the people were getting attracted to me. All the kids wanted to touch me. I was special because I was not made for the usual purpose like other umbrellas. I was very happy with my master, the joker. He was very kind to me and took good care of me. I had enjoyed those days a lot.

"But it was all going to end very soon. One day, during the show my master lost his balance and I fell down at the foot of an elephant's leg. Unfortunately, he put his leg on me. In that accident, I was badly broken. After that, I was thrown outside the circus. I got hurt. Everyday rats were dancing on me. I was suffering like hell. One fine morning, a poor man saw me and picked me up. He washed and repaired me as much as he could. Since then, he is using me.

"I am truly thankful to him. When you were observing me, I liked your expression. It made me speak out after a long time. Look there, your friends are calling you.” And the umbrella stopped talking.

From that day, I have often thought of that umbrella. From the umbrella's life, I learned, "Always help others and share your joy with others.” I even promised that I would take care of all my things.'

"Isn't it correct my friends?"


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