Thursday, December 11, 2008


(Contributed by Mukul A. Ghan)

'Mother' this word has no definition. This in itself is a great thing. The saying that 'God created mothers to look after everyone' is true in all aspects. Aai,Amma,Maa,Mom whatever you call her, mother remains the same.Indeed, mother is the only love in our life.

My mother is a teacher by profession and a housewife by real profession. Like other mothers she loves me in the best possible way she can. Even when she is in school, she calls me and asks me everyday. She is the one who has improved me and my habits. I succeed but I succeed because of my mother. She has a good share in my success. People say that 25 percent is share of external factors. But, I say 50 percent is the share of my mother in my success. She has a relation of blood with me.

She is the one who has feelings about me. When I get hurt she feels the same. I remember during my exam when I came home at 3.00 in the afternoon my mother stayed back and did not eat food at all. She is the 'be all' for me. I live to satisfy her favours on me. She is the one who pats me in failures. Now, I have to be the reason for her smile in the old age.

In Marathi, a poet says that,' The God of three worlds is a beggar without a mother'. My mother is a role model for me. She is an epitome of a good lady, a better wife and the best mother. I thank the almighty who put me in the womb of an angel who is the world for me.


mads@hura said...

this essay is soo awesome it describes everythin abt our mother hats off to the writer....

Shivanie said...

MUkul : fantabulous essay.. !! :)
keep it up..