Thursday, December 11, 2008

`Life:an Education'

From the time the world came into existence, men have tried to educate themselves to survive and combat with the innumerable situations. We cannot exactly define the term `education'.
Every situation in life is an experience which in turn educates the individual to surmount obstacles with mental capacity and skills. Higher detail image of Swami_Vivekananda.Image via Wikipedia
When Swami Vivekananda was walking through the forest he came across such situations he had never come across earlier. These situations opened his eyes to new vistas of life and ultimately he realised that life is an educator and the stages of life are the levels of educational process.
Every experience is an examination, may it be an unfortunate one or a fortunate one. The quantity of solutions we can find to the problems is the consequence of the result of examination that one surpassed.
Once again life gives us many opportunities to educate ourselves and pass through the smouldering fire in a furnace. An individual, if can tolerate the wrath of the fire, he will emerge fully purified and shaped blacksmith. So, education has many forms, moral, social, physical and spiritual. If there is a synchronisation of all these forms, then truly an individual is educated in the real sense!
Great souls like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa through their diligent work, tried to educate the world the true meaning of humanity. Let us mould ourselves to be good educators like these great souls. Only then will man be happy and prosperous which will transform the world into `Heaven'!
- Mrs. Usha Shimoga
English Secondary Section

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