Friday, December 12, 2008

The erosion of integrity & ethics

Contributed by - Unnati B Mhatre Std X

Gone are the days when this proverb was much more than a mere saying. There were indeed people who were absolutely righteous, just, humble and truthful in their commitments and outlook. There truly was a time when people were safely unaware of theft, robbery, corruption and deceit. But today the society faces a widespread moral deterioration of values.

Today people are ready to sacrifice their long-cherished beliefs and principles at the slightest obstacle or difficulty they encounter. They are ready to lie or cheat or harm others for a meagre gain. Little do they realize that their dishonesty has achieved them just short term benefits and happiness. Such people are far from understanding the importance of honesty. Let alone practicing it.

The never ending crave for more & more luxuries and privileges has left man resorting to black-marketing, corruption, bribing and today even terrorism. Rarely do we find people who are willing to make honest and sincere efforts for the well-being of the society. Rather there are an increasing number of people who through deceitful and immoral ways fetch their own benefits. But how long do such people survive? For instance, a person who has earned hordes of money by dishonest means lives under a constant dread of being exposed or found out and soon after the truth triumphs the name, fame, money and glamour that the person has achieved crumbles to pieces. He loses all the respect and dignity in the society. He is forced to pay the price for being dishonest.

An honest man, on the other hand, is free from such guilt and shame because he has never cheated nor lied to anyone. The one who has been straightforward and honest has nothing to conceal. Such a person is bound to be happy, contented and satisfied.

Today dishonesty has spread its tentacles so deep in the society that soon the situation would become irreparable. By giving bribe our work may be done swiftly and the extra money earned makes the suitor happy too, but this comfort and happiness is short lived. The erosion of integrity & ethics will ultimately make living unbearable for the entire society. Once people know that they can bribe their way through for anything they want, the moral edifice of the society will start crumbling.Portrait of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Oil on c...Image via Wikipedia

At such times we need to act and act swiftly. We must reassure people’s belief that even in today’s cutthroat competition being honest would surely pay off. Leo Tolstoy, had once said, “Everybody thinks of changing humanity & nobody thinks of changing himself.” So let us make efforts to be honest & sincere. We can hope that there would be a day when the whole society would be honest and everyone will surely reap its benefits. Only then would we realize that honesty indeed is the best policy.

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