Sunday, December 14, 2008


Contributed by - - Prathamesh Gaitonde, Std X

It was the felicitation ceremony of the students of std 10 . A timid looking homely lady was introduced as the chief guest of our function .We were taken aback as we are normally used to seeing a dynamic personality as the chief guest The teacher , judging the expressions on our face, explained that her greatness was no less than any of the dynamic personalities , for it was she who was the role model ,the anchor behind the huge success of the student who stood in the merits and who had glorified the school

Truly how huge and extensive is the greatness of our mother!!!! Right from shaping the ball of clay that takes birth from her womb to giving him a dignified status in the society , her life revolves around her child throughout. She is an extensive mine of love and affection . She sacrifices her own happiness for her Albert Einstein ponders the theory of relativi...Image by mharrsch via Flickrchild . A mother is like a candle that burns herself but enlightens others. She may not actually govern the country , but she influences people< guides and directs them , who then become efficient leaders of the country. It is in this sense that she rules the world . Mother is just like an engine, who has the necessary drive and initiative to pull or push the coaches. In short she is the leader and the torch bearer of our progress.

Great men in the world acknowledge the contribution of their mothers in making and shaping their personalities and characters. Who could have believed that a dyslexic and a failure child like Einstein could have given the theory of relativity. It was his mother who had faith in her child and found the talent in him and made him a great personality . Shivaji Maharaj accredits his mother for the success he achieved in his life for it was she who instilled the lessons of bravery and courage in his tender mind

Today all that which helps mankind and benefits his life is personified as MOTHER The nature that provides the food clothing and shelter to man is adorned as MOTHER NATURE . The earth , which supports the entire life is beautified as MOTHER EARTH.

Truly all such things, which may not think about , provides a first hand testimony to the fact that is the hand that rocks the cradle, which rules the world.

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