Wednesday, December 10, 2008

100% True Proverb

Contributed by - Sagar Surve, Std. X

Proverbs are sayings which have transcended down through generations. One can make a point of view more emphatic using proverbs. There is a huge collection of proverbs in our ancient literature. There is a fun in exploring the deep meaning of proverbs.

The proverb ‘HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY’ appears to be very attractive and the most easiest of all the proverbs, when used in some speeches or dialogues. But it appears to convey a deep meaning when we read it between the lines. Honesty is sometimes the best thing for a situation to end up well. This is because, if you lie and people find out, then you are likely to end up with many negative consequences. You will not be trusted anymore. A practical example showing this is politics. If the leaders promise then they will do a certain things after getting elected. But if they nothing then people find it harder to trust the politicians and he is not elected next time.School bannerImage via Wikipedia

It is said, ‘Honesty always pays rich dividends.’ But it may not always pay rich returns in short run but may end up with providing many rich dividends. A practical example showing this- A student who is honest with his studies, who studies regularly may not receive the fruits of his honesty instantly. But in the long run he will definitely obtain it in the form of good results. Honesty is the prime quality that a merchant, trader, or a business man should inherit within themselves so as to prosper in their transactions. A person who is dishonest but performing his work passionately may not survive in the long run.

But why are we today attracted towards the way of dishonesty? The thirst of ‘Yeh dil maange more’ makes a person corrupt and dishonest. It is the greed and selfishness that ultimately leads an individual to enter in the grave of dishonesty. Today, we live in the 21st century which is described as ‘fast life in the fast world.’ To cope up with this exorbitant rate of people around, we are attracted towards making fast money. And to earn this fast cash, people are ready to choose the way of dishonesty and disloyalty. But I would like to remind such people that, though we can make money by improper way, we can’t earn a respectful status in the society. If we are honest, people believe us.

I personally feel that even in this deceitful world, somewhere there is a ray of honesty trying to make its way out from the evil darkness and spread all over. So at last, honesty should be followed by everyone to succeed in life. And this proverb is cent percent (100%) true to be quoted.

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