Monday, March 26, 2018

What 'Women's day' means to me?

Mrs. Shweta Vartak
English Secondary Section
        It's 8th March today. In the morning I received a message wishing me  'Happy Women's day'. My first thought - Wow, its my day, I'm proud to be a woman. Throughout the day I was receiving the same type of messages, in different words but all were praising women power, her courage, her abilities and her outstanding multitasking quality. I felt really pleased to receive such comments and praise from the people, men and women too. But, is really a specific day needed to praise and honour women ?
        Today's women are not only taking care of their house as dictated by ancient culture, but they are also standing beside men and shouldering their responsibilities in all fields. At the same time, a woman is performing different roles in her life, such as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, daughter-in-law etc. She not only takes full  responsibility of her family but also works towards developing the society. As a homemaker, she follows various duties like being a  teacher to her children, a cook in the kitchen making Tiffin for her family, a financial planner managing the household expenses etc. She does all these tasks without expecting a word of encouragement.
        As per my opinion, Women's day should not be limited to one day when everybody applauds women, and the other 364 days of the year they treat a women like an inferior part of the family and society. Being a woman, I would like to say that if someone really wants to appreciate women, they should not wait for a so called 'Women's day'. Respecting her and taking note of her opinion should become a part and parcel of our psyche. So long as women are abused and looked upon as objects of desire, celebration of Women's Day will only be a farce, lacking in any intrinsic value. A woman of calibre does not expect anything from anybody and so she feels astonished on receiving a word of appreciation from the person she loves or cares for. She is so strong and complete in herself that she is an inspiration for the rest.
        According to me, Women's day should  be the day when all the ladies will feel secure in this world. The women should be able to live freely and follow their dreams without obstacles.



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