Saturday, March 3, 2018

SPEECH – Science Day

Vinay Vaidya - IX/C

Good morning teachers and my dear friends.
I am Vinay Vaidya from Std. IX/C. Today I am going to speak a few words on the wonderful occasion of ‘Science day'.
But first, I would like to ask you, What is Science? 
Let me tell you that Science is an intellectual & practical activity encompassing systematic study of a structure & behaviour of physical and natural world through observation & experiment. If I am not mistaken, science is the most favourite subject for most of us. So you might be aware that 28th February is celebrated as National Science day, so we all are here to celebrate this day . Don’t you think we should know why we are celebrating this day with great enthusiasm? It's because, on this day in 1928 the great Indian scientist Dr C.V. Raman discovered the phenomenon of scattering photons which was later named as Raman effect. C.V Raman got the Nobel Prize for his remarkable discovery.
This was the first Nobel prize that India got in the field of science so let me tell you all what is Raman effect in short, as we all must be aware of this. Raman effect is the change in the wavelength of the light that occurs when the light beam is deflected by  molecules. Dr C.V. Raman got knight bachelor award in 1929 and Hughes medal in 1930. He also got the Bharat Ratna in 1954. Science Day is celebrated to give an opportunity to scientific minded citizens in the country to showcase their new inventions and discoveries and spread the message about the use of scientific applications in daily life of the people . India has had great scientists like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Homi Bhabha, Dr. Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar, Vikram Sarabhai, & Shrinivasa Ramanujan who greatly contributed to the field of Science . Finally I  conclude saying, let us put the knowledge of science into application by planting more and more saplings, taking care of them so that we can reduce pollution and live a healthy & happy life. 
Wish you all happy Science day .
               🍁 Thank you.🍁

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