Sunday, March 18, 2018


Mandar Prabhu - VI A
Our school is very special as it provides an opportunity to every student to showcase their skills. It organises separate cultural programmes for every section. Today I am going to write on the Annual gathering of VPM's Vidya Mandir, English Secondary section. As always, it was a grand success.
Every standard was given a theme by our HM, Mrs Tharval. The theme for standard VI A was 'BOOK' and the theme of VI B was 'HAT'. There was a good selection of songs for dance and attractive dance steps. The days of practice were very exciting. The choreographer who was teaching was very friendly with us. A funny incident that happened was that Shubham`s leg got crossed and he fell on the floor in a comical manner. We all laughed very loudly. Fortunately, he was not hurt. There was a step which was very difficult and only the choreographer could do it. At last he changed the step. When the dance got set , we thanked the choreographer for setting the dance so quickly and skillfully.
The final day, on 21st of December, was a grand success. There were a few skits and many dances.
Everybody loved and enjoyed the dance Mahishasuravadani. Everybody had performed well. Everybody- the students, teachers, parents and other staff members had put in all their efforts to make this programme a grand success. The programme concluded with the singing of VANDE MATARAM.

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