Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And this is for you my teachers---

The speech delivered by Pallavi Prakash Saple, the first rank holder on the day of felicitation:

“It’s my honour to be here among you all. Today I have got this opportunity due to valuable guidance and contribution of all my teachers that has given a new impetus to my work. They are the beacons, who empower us to make the wind favourable to our journey and help us set the sail to reach further academically and culturally.DSC_1474 (Large)

Throughout my journey of 10th, I was really nervous and tense that I have to appear for a ‘BOARD’ exam. Even teachers were worried due to downfall in my performance. But they filled me with positive attitudes, upgraded my confidence and their moral support gave me a ray of hope in bad times. My parents have also cared and served me wholeheartedly. I had always heard that hard work never goes in vain but today I have experienced it.

I have been really lucky to have such a great institution like VidyaMandir which recognises potential of every student. If our school has tried to give us better amenities each year then why don’t we strive hard to add feathers in her cap in the years coming ahead!!!

I think this school has a lion’s share in carving our personalities and preparing us to undertake further responsibilities.

Above all I would like to thank God for his blessings, my teachers’ parental love right from KG section to std. X who helped me succeed

And this is for you my teachers---

I didn’t pay attention every minute of the day,
And admittedly, my favourite time was going out to play.

Yet determinedly, you taught me putting me to test,
Encouraging my efforts as you made me to do my best.

Some lessons were a challenge and you taught me how to cope,
Each day I grew in confidence, ability and hope.

I really now appreciate you made me learn through fun,
Thank you very much for all you have said and done.”

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