Saturday, March 20, 2010

Send off speech

Friends, today our minds are full of curiosity as in coming few months we will be entering a whole new world. But, we are little sad as our school, our lovely teachers and our dear friends will be left behind.

Education plays a key role in modifying an individual’s personality. It is like a basic necessity of every individual. I firmly, believe that the knowledge and values inculcated in us will surely help us in the long run. V.P.M’s VIDYA MANDIR, DAHISAR this name aptly suits to our school, as our school really is a temple of knowledge. The students of our school are not only excelling in studies but also show casing their abilities in sports, dramatics and arts. Our school safeguards our rich culture by organizing cultural programmes or by celebrating our traditional festivals like Haldi Kunku, Aashadi, Ekadashi etc. Patriotism is imbibed on our young minds by celebrating Independence day and Republic Day with great zeal. As students we should be proud to be a part of this institution.

Teacher is knowledge of treasure. She is a cool breeze of pleasure, the love and affection showed by her is impossible to measure. And therefore a teacher is rightly called as second mother of a child. Our school is gifted by efficient and affectionate teachers who help us in all round development of our personality. I remember an old English saying “when life happens to be dark, God sends an angel who lits up the candle and show us the path”. But I would like to modify this a bit “when life happens to be dark, God sends our teachers as angels who lit up our path, show us the way and also accompany us throughout the journey.”

They are like those potters who have moulded and given proper shape to our personality by recognizing our inner capabilities and channelising them in proper directions.

X std is crucial stage of our life it is not the ultimate goal but is one of the most important aim to be achieved. Failure and success are two sides of same coin. I remember an old Marathi saying-
"मराठीत एक जुनी म्हण आहे, जर आपणास यश मिळाले तर त्या यशानी एवढे हुरळून जाऊ नये की आपणच आपल्या हातांनी भविष्याचे दरवाजे बंद करुन घेऊ. परंतु जर आपणास अपयश मिळाले तर एवढे ही दु:खी होऊ नये की भवितव्यच्या दिशेने वाटचाल करणेच अशक्य होईल?"

Life is a long journey and X STD is one of the milestone which we will be passing very soon. So I wish you luck and hope you all will come up with flying colours and take our school’s name to pinnacle of its glory. Today, in front of me, I can see the future efficient doctors and surgeons, brave army officers, intelligent, scientists, talented artists and well versed writers and poets. So in future I would like to see you all not only as good persons but also great personalities.

Last but not the least I would like to thank our all teachers for being so much supportive and friendly throughout the years. I would like to request you all to give them a big round of applause.

Ms. Isha
English Medium

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