Saturday, March 20, 2010


DATE : 23RD & 24TH JANUARY, 2010.


Residential cultural camp was the highlight of the IV std. Students’ life. The new hall had been decorated with curtains and garland, proverbs and decorative articles. The idols of Goddess Saraswati , the Tulsi Vrindavan , all were in place to make the atmosphere auspicious.

We were indeed fortunate to have Dr. Prasad Karnik, expert in the field of zoology as our chief guest. In his inspiring speech, he told the students to have clean and green environment. He enthralled the students by telling them interesting stories about our surrounding.

In ‘wise parenting ‘session, the parents were listening to yet another speech by Dr. Prasad Karnik. He urged the parents to spend quality time with their wards. He also told them to spot hidden qualities of their children and to boost their creativity and originality.

During the craft session, the students were taught to make five different flowers, leaves with colourful kite papers by Mrs. Namita. Shenoy and Mrs. Meena Das.

In the evening, the hall was lit with diyas, the air made fragrant and the evening prayer commenced.

A highly enjoyable story telling session ensued with Mr.Shashikant Patil.

After dinner, the much awaited film ‘Tenali Rama’ was shown to the children. All were very happy to watch the film.

The next day, the children assembled in the hall for Morning Prayer and exercises. Mrs. Shenoy, a P.T. instructor and yoga expert took charge for about an hour.

Several grandparents were seen arriving for the next session. They were delighted to be the part of the value inculcation camp with their grand children. Some of them shared their experiences and stories to the children.

Lot of efforts were taken in making the programme a grand success. Hence, a suitable vote of thanks was given at the culmination of the camp. The residential cultural camp will always remain in the memories of students and all parents.

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