Thursday, January 29, 2009

Information on Postal and Banking Services

                                              Compiled by : Ms. Sonal Tharval

Lectures are arranged every year to give the elementary information about these important services to students of Vidya Mandir

Postal Services:

Every year, Mr. Vasant Vagaskar, known for his principles and social commitment,  gives lectures to our school children on Postal Services.

This year the lecture was arranged on 22nd January for Marathi Medium students.

Approximately 524 students form std.VIII  took advantage of this lecture.

On 23rd, the same lecture was arranged for the students of English medium.

Approximately 150 students from std VIII were benefited with this knowledge on postal services.

Shri. Vagaskar is also a life member of VPM


Mr. Sudarshan Parab, Ex VP, Axis Bank, and patron member of VPM  was invited for this Lecture on banking.

He spoke on various services given by banks (on 20th Jan for  English Medium ).

Approximately 150 students benefited.

The same was arranged for Marathi medium on 21st jan.

Approximately 455 students from std IX in Marathi medium took advantage of this lecture.

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