Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009- A bad year?

by Jyoti Honkote

For the first time, prophets, soothsayers, astrologers and all of their kind are unanimous in their predictions for the year 2009. Put briefly, what they say is, “Life is going to be gloomy, folks.”

As far as I am concerned every new day ushers in a new sun, warm and fresh, bringing in opportunities and challenges. Maria Rilke said, “The future is time’s excuse to frighten us.”

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Eager faces welcome me as I walk through the school gates and a constant and enthusiastic clamour of “Good Morning Teacher” accompanies me till I step into the office. One feels like The Queen. The tiny tots cast a spell on me and negative thoughts take wings.

Well the year 2009 seems to be good for us at Vidyamandir. When I look out of the window, the new building construction work seems to be progressing well. A slow but steady stream of donations is also coming in.

MakarSankranth was celebrated with the usual gaiety. Spring is around the corner. Several children won awards in Camel Colour contest, a few more prizes are expected in other spheres. Children are bright and energetic. The unit test cannot dampen their spirits. The present looks good and the future doesn’t seem bad either. There is no point in worrying. We are here to live life. Let us go forward and embrace whatever it has to offer.


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