Saturday, January 10, 2009

Activities of Vidya Mandir English Primary

18th Dec.2008 to 10th Jan.2009

                                                                     Compiled by : Hitesh Gavhane

18th Dec.2008 :  Fancy Dress Competition

19th Dec.2008 :  The most colourful competition of the year. With great enthusiasm students participate in this camp.We were amazed to see their creativity & imagination.

Every year a number of activities and competitions are conducted. This year we decided to start two new activities, i.e., Fancy Dress Competition and Science Exhibition.

The Fancy Dress competition for all classes was conducted in two phases, I and II std. on 18th December 2008 and III and IV std. on 19th December 2008. The interest shown and response was overwhelming. Over 400 students from all classes participated. We had several Jhansi Ki Ranis, Shivaji Maharajas, vegetable vendors and so on. Most of the tiny tots showed tremendous confidence in the delivery of their dialogue and their carriage. The best three entries from each class were selected.


24th Dec.2008 :  "Christmas" - The festival of lighting the candles & cutting the cakes was celebrated. Students enjoyed the festival by singing Christmas carols. They danced on the tunes of western music & had great time. Cakes were given to all.

27th Dec.2008 :  Scholarship Mock Exam. no. 1 for the Std.IV .

29th Dec.2008   & 30th Dec.2008 :  Science Exhibition To develop scientific temper & skill, the science exhibition was held for the students of Std. III & IV.All the students participated   in this group activity. teachers made the groups if all the students & guided them to understand the cause & effect relationship in science. Parents also helped their wards in making science projects & working models in science.

Children had been divided into groups of 8-10 and various topics had been allotted. Projects on display dealt with Forms of Energy, Internal Organs, Natural Calamities, Types of Houses etc. A lot of effort had gone into the making of all the projects and several innovative ideas were used. We had several working models too. Students explained the projects with ease and answered the questions posed by the judges confidently.


The dedication shown by parents, teachers and students was commendable. These four days of activity will indeed be memorable.

3rd Jan.2009 :    A meeting was organized with all the parents representatives of  primary section. H.M. & Teachers attended the meeting.  Managment members Mr. Karandikar, Mr. Kelkar & Mr. Patnekar were also present. The agenda of the meeting was "to raise funds for the construction of the new school building".         Karandikar sir, motivated parents & gave good guidance to them regarding the collection of building fund.

4th Jan.2009 :   Scholarship Mock exam. no.2

5th Jan.2009 :   Scholarship Mock exam. no.3                 

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