Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winding Up Water

Lifting water out of a river or a well takes a long time especially if you have only one bucket! Thousands of years ago water had to be raised from river Nile in Egypt to help irrigate or water the crops. The ancient Egyptians had to work very hard.

This problem was solved by a brilliant inventor Archimedes who was born in 287B.C at Syracuse near Italy. He thought of a way to make lifting water easier.

So, he designed a simple device like screw that could lift water easier. It is long cylindrical device fitted with a spiral screw. This screw lifts water. Many present day equipment work on such a principle. Using a similar arrangement grains can be shifted from one place to another. It can be called screw driven arrangement. Archimedes was the first to use such a principle.

- Mitali A. Chavan. 8th B

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