Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Aptitude Test and Counseling

Arranged by: Quality Development VPM’s Vidya Mandir

Organized by: Maharashtra Vyavasaya Margdarshan Kendra Dadar.

Arranged for: Std X

No of students

appeared for test: 90

Fees: Rs.200/ each [collected from the students]

Venue: VPM’S Vidya Mandir.

Teachers involved: Class teachers of Std X. Mrs Nusrat Chougle & Mrs Valanjoo.

Date of Appt. Test: 26th Aug, 2007.

Date of Counseling: 30th Sep & 7th Oct.

Aptitude Test for the students of Std X was arranged on 26th Aug,07 from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00p.m. Mrs. Nusrat Chougle was present throughout with the students. Mr. R Joshi & Mr. Tilu were present till 1.00 p.m. Aptitude Test started late around 10.45 p.m as organizer was late. The test papers brought were not sufficient. Watchman was sent thrice for Xerox. Except this the test went on very well.

Counseling of the students was held on 30th Sept. and 7th Oct along with their parents. Three counselors were present both the days. Each student was counseled for a minimum of half an hour by the counselors. Results of the test were given to the parents. Mrs. Valanjoo & Mrs. Save were present on 30th Sept and Mrs. Chougle on 7th Sept. Mrs. Sonal Tharval also visited the counseling program to ensure smooth functioning.

Feedback from the parents was taken. They are satisfied and thanked the school authorities for arranging this program at the school.

Posted by :- Mrs. Nusrat Chougle

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