Sunday, January 13, 2008



When the road is narrow and tough
Tortuous and exceedingly long
Just grit your teeth
Just walk on.

Doubts arise, confusion confounds
Your vision blurs--- unclear, undifined
Rein in your thoughts
Just walk on.

Steps falter, determination wavers

Innumerable obstacles spring up

Just clench your teeth

Just walk on

Look for that illusive blinding light

Far in the mist, Deep in the wild,

Marshal your strength

Just walk on.

A sudden glare, exceedingly sweet

Unexpected, gentle, benign,

A slow awakening, sudden realisation

Sublime, blissful, infinitely divine,

Once attained, once satiated

Thirsty anew, the wandering gaze

New goal searches, new realms dreams,

Just walk on Just walk on.

-Jyoti Honkote (English Primary Section)

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Vasuki said...

Good one. You might want to have a look at another similar Poem, "don't quit" at