Friday, October 13, 2017

Training Program for Teachers, Day 8

- Compiled by Jyoti Honkote 

Special invitees – Mhambrey Sir, Desai Sir and Tharwal Madam,

Agenda – a) Evaluation of Micro lessons

b) Plenary, Feedback

c) Valedictory Function

The morning session had been set aside for Micro lessons of all the teachers. Ms.Mulay had already given guidance about the areas the lessons had to cover. She had stressed that each teacher would be given only 5 minutes wherein she would explain how the lesson would be conducted while keeping in mind the multiple intelligence levels of students.

The participant teachers gave micro lessons on the following topics -

1. Mrs.Neha Kale – ‘Varul’ – lesson in Marathi Std. X

2. Mrs.PoonamVaidya ‘My Mother’ – English poem Std. IX

3. Mr.GiteshShirke ‘JahaanChaah, VahaanRaah’ Hindi

4. Mrs.ShravaniPatankar Direct/ Indirect Elections - Political Science

5. Mrs.VarshaPatil ‘Yogamala’ Sanskrit – Std. IX

6. Mrs ReshmaShinde Factorization of Trinomials

7. Mrs.SonaliSamant ‘ChaloChaleen’ Signboards – Std. V

8. Mrs NilimaKhadatkar Mensuration –Right circular cylinder VIII to X

9. Mr.TejeshSonawane Drawing Lettering - Std. VII

10. Ms.SuhasiniAiwale ‘SamaanmastuBhojanam’ Sanskrit - IX

11. Mrs.HarshikaChowkekar Muscular Force – Science - VIII

12. Mrs.JyotiHonkote Speech Writing – English - VIII

13. Ms. Selby Matthew Carbon & carbon compounds - Science

14. Ms.ArunaRaut ‘BasantiHawa’ – Poem in Hindi - VI

15. Ms.KshitijaSankpal Parts of the Plant ( Leaf ) – Science- V

16. Ms.Jyoti Nair Different land forms – Geography - V

17. Ms.ShwetaVartak Types of Nouns – English - V

18. Ms.TanviPanchal Rules for Everyone – Civics - V

19. Ms.Pritiksha Wade Equivalent Fractions – Maths

All the teachers presented their micro lessons confidently. Madam Mulay was satisfied and gave certain inputs wherever needed. She gave a little gift of a 3 in 1 Laser pointer that combined as akey chain and a torch. Thereafter plain card paper was clipped to the curtains and participants were encouraged write their opinion i.e. their feedback on the Training program – Parking Bay. This was part of the Plenary.

The Valedictory function was compered by Mrs. Varsha Patil. At the outset, all the dignitaries were invited onto the dais. Ms. Mulay was presented a small token of our deep respect. She was invited to speak a few words. She appreciated all the teachers saying that everyone had been very active and supportive. “Your staff is talented, ever smiling and ready to learn, so do provide them with all that they need to enhance their effectiveness,” she said. Ms Mulay advised the teachers to learn something new everyday. She also said that teachers can create wonders with students, they can also destroy a child’s future so always give a pat on the back and encourage.

Mhambrey Sir agreed, saying that teachers are a powerful medium. They can direct how the future will be. He also related a short story. Desai Sir said that every particle that comes in the path of the sun’s rays becomes charged and gives out its own light. The energy in the trained teachers shouldn’t fizzle out but continue to sparkle and spread light. Desai Sir expressed a wish that the walls of the school should have flannel boards, the school should be decorated with posters, paintings, proverbs and portraits.

On behalf of all the teachers, Jyoti Honkote expressed deep gratitude to Ms. Mulay for making all the sessions enjoyable. She especially lauded her for her excellent insight into child psychology, her acting skills and the manner in which the training had been conducted. She also thanked Tharwal madam for planning everything meticulously and ensuring that all the teachers were comfortable.

In her Vote of Thanks, Mrs. Tharwal thanked Mulay madam for immediately agreeing and taking full responsibility of the Training in spite of her busy schedule.She lauded Madam for her expertise and intense knowledge of all that is happening in the field of education. Tharwal madam thanked the Management, Mhambrey Sir and Desai Sir for their support. She also appreciated the teachers for attending the training wholeheartedly. Piles of answer papers to check, supervision and Diwali round the corner had not dampened their spirit.

The entire In house Teacher Training Program has been a great success.

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Atul Jain said...

nice job! VSI International school is also conducting this type of training program.