Sunday, October 8, 2017

In house Training program 6th October–Day 3

- Compiled by Jyoti Honkote

Participants – 19 teachers

Special invitees – Pendharkar Sir, Parab Sir, Tharwal Madam

Topics – a) Branding of school ( vision & mission )

b) Leadership in school program

Ms Mulay initiated the day with a discussion on the logo of the school. The teachers were requested to explain the significance of the school logo and elaborate on the inherent message. a) Visionary mission- Along with learning the concepts, every child must realise that perfectness and correctness were important. The reason behind learning something should be known to the child as this would propel him to take greater interest.

b) Teachers should be convinced of their method of teaching. They must constantly upgrade themselves by doing online or other courses.

c) Teachers should accompany students to competitions to cheer them up. It would instil a sense of pride in the school. Students respect teachers who command. An awareness of the birthdate, area of residence and background of students would help establish rapport. They will be ever ready to support the teacher in her endeavours.

d) Inculcating and expecting discipline is essential. One must be able to recognise the student as a product of ‘so and so’ school by the manner in which he stands, walks, talks and conducts himself.

Ms Mulay said that competitions must be held for teachers on their special day. Various modes of appreciation should be used to enhance self esteem. She once again stressed on Free and fair elections among students. Ragging would reduce and a sense of self worth would grow. Creating a happy atmosphere: ‘Happy school concept’ that had a botanical garden with every plant named, a corridor right from the gate that was literally a museum or science lab with various models, sculpture, charts, portraits on display. This sort of ‘informal education’ would be very novel and interesting. Ms Mulay stressed on the need for grade wise field trips to relevant places that would leave a mark on the students psyche. Activities and sports that encouraged more and more children to emerge as confident players.

Post lunch a session of ‘Buzz’ and ‘Coffee pot’ were played. These would help reduce tedium, add joy and increase alertness in the class. “A leader is one who walks behind and allows others to walk ahead” Ma’am said. A teacher should be a class manager. She must support, empathise, praise every good deed and laud small achievements. Ma’am called upon the participants to set specific goals and work towards the outcomes. As a Facilitator she needed to look into what changes she wished to see, what changes she needed to bring in herself in order to reach the realisation of her goals. Teachers shared these points with their partners through a simple game. Conduct SWOT analysis of the class and channelize the excess energy by encouraging research and innovation.

Bring out the leadership qualities in children, organise ‘Kavi Sammelans’ & c. Go hand in hand with students and Live and Let Live was the final message of the day.

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