Monday, October 9, 2017

Teacher Training Program Day 4

- Compiled by Jyoti Honkote

Teacher Training Program Day 4 – 9th October, 2017

No. of Participants – 20

Topic – a) Catering to multiple intelligence levels of students.

b) Career Education

Ms. Mulay started the course by mentioning the book by noted psychologist, Howard Gardner, ‘Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Through his research Gardner has concluded that children have different levels of intelligence in various areas. These include Verbal-Linguistic, Logical- Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Body-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic.41wesgwdnSL

How should a teacher ensure that all these intelligences are being tapped? She must keenly observe the students. A list of activities/abilities that are a part of these areas were listed. Ms. Mulay advised that unnecessary energy must not be wasted in trying to do everything ourselves. Smart work is the key to success. Let students use various tools to complete tasks. Encourage varied activities –

1.Solve Puzzles, Sudoku, Word games, Chess- Both sides of brain will be used.

2. Map stories, Visualisation, Plot a graph on performance in each question,

3. Use organisers, Maintain daily diary, work as a team,

4. Use Sequencing, process writing, coding, correlate lessons,DSC_8336

5. Use tactics to encourage reading newspapers, do research,

6. Conduct Historical visits, have Street plays with a tagline, organise a Fun fair,

7. Play music during P.T. Have Aerobics, Humming,

8. Innovative and fun filled activities to learn Science, Math e.g. Kite Flying

A teacher must always have a Positive attitude, she must tell good things about each child, encourage the right perspective and tap the aptitude of the child. She must leave her family and medical issues at home. Negative vibes are harmful. Ego has no place in a classroom. Live in the present and believe in yourself. Don’t allow anyone to run you down. Be enthusiastic.

Madam gave an insight of how a micro lesson had to be done. It should cater to the multiple intelligences of the students. Thereafter, there was a discussion relating all the subjects to various career options. Every student must know the importance of learning something, relate it to a career. A few games were also conducted to ensure that the session was lively and all the teachers were actively involved in the learning process. Such games should be used within classrooms to enable greater understanding of topics.

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