Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Venue: V.P.M's Vidya Mandir, New Building Hall, Dahisar (E)
Time: 3rd January, 2009 from 8.30 am to 11.30 am

VPM'S Vidya Mandir conducted a lecture on wise parenting by a renowned psychiatrist Dr.MANOJ BHATAVDEKAR on January 3rd 2010. Doctor explained the main criteria of this teenage group 12-13 years.He explained the problems faced by this age group like stress factor, peer pressure, identity crisis and importance of sex education.

According to Doctor today's children face all kinds of pressure at school as well as in the society. They have to keep up with school curriculum as well as the peer pressure of acquiring the latest gadgets. He requested the parents to accept their children as they are with their plus and minus points because they are not robots. He advised parents to be friendly with children and respect his/her individuality. He also insisted that parents should not impose their hidden ambition on children.

He stressed on the importance of freedom with discipline and restriction. To choose the path which children, not the parents are interested in. He also emphasized that parents should try to balance their career and should also spend quality time with their children.
At the end Dr. Bhatavdekar said that we parents should tell our children that they are fantastic and unique and that we love them as they are. We should stop comparing our children with others. We must tell them that life is beautiful and for every problem there is a solution.

(VIII A Eng secondary section)

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