Friday, September 11, 2009

List of activities for the month of Sept. and Oct. 2009

 2nd Sept. -    Distribution of Report cards.
 4th Sept. -    Word scrabble competition for std. I / II Quiz Competition for std. III / IV.
 5th Sept.-    Bombay Arts & Sports on the spot Drawing Competition.
 6th Sept.-    Scholarship class for Std. IV (Maths).
 8th Sept.-    EVS Activity for (Std. I)
11th Sept.-    Craft Competition  (std. IV).
12th Sept.-    Parents – Tr. Meeting (std. I to IV).
13th Sept. -    Scholarship class for Std. IV (English).
14th Sept. to 25th Sept. -    I Semester – Revision.
18th Sept. -   Quiz Competition   (std. I to IV).
19th Sept. -   School Committee Meeting.
20th Sept.-   Scholarship class for ( Maths ).
22nd Sept.-  Navratri  Celebration.
24th Sept. to  9th Oct. - Orals & Written of I Semester Exam.
9th Oct. -   Diwali Celebtration.
12th Oct. to 31st Oct. -  Diwali Vacation.

C. L. Rodrigues
H. M.
Primary English Section

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