Friday, September 11, 2009

‘Long long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure but very substantially.’ These immortal words were spoken by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the night bridging the 14th and 15th August 1947 when India broke the shackles of the tyrannical British rule and became free.

Today we are celebrating our 62nd independence day. We are very lucky to live in an independent India .But we must not forget that this struggle was not easy at all. Many freedom fighters like Netaji Subhashchandra Bose and Bhagat Singh gave up their lives for our golden future. Leaders like Gandhiji and Lokmanya Tilak inspired and provoked the minds of the people to fight for their rights. Thus it was truly said by Gandhiji that, the moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall and he frees himself. The Indians under the guidance of worthy leaders became united and drove the British out of India.

In the past 62 glorious years of independence, India has progressed in every aspect of the modern world. On 26th January 1950 the Constitution of India was formulated and India became a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. Adopting the rights of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, today India is the largest democracy in the world. As a result of the Green Revolution and the White Revolution India has achieved self sufficiency in the field of agriculture. Indian economy has also shown an upward trend. All the sectors have contributed towards the growth of our economy.

India has also shown tremendous development in the field of science and technology. Our engineers have contributed a lot towards the upliftment of the field of Information Technology. India has come a long way from a modest beginning in the field of space technology. The NASA institute in USA consists of many Indian scientists, which is a great pride for us. India is also working in the production of atomic energy.

Not only in the field of science but India has also experienced changes in social faculties. People’s ideology has changed. The society has become scientific tempered and rational. Unethical customs and traditions have been abolished.

People like Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal and Vishvanathan Anand have taken India’s name to greater heights in sports while Lata Mangeshkar, Ustad Bismillah Khan and Zakir Hussain are world famous for their valuable contribution in the field of music.

Thus India is rapidly urbanizing and has taken a huge step to become a superpower.

But today India is bound by many serious problems. Poverty, terrorism and violence are some of those. The terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008 shook the whole of India. Such acts of cruelty make us think that are we really free? The answer is, probably not. The life of common man has become very troublesome. Today whenever a person leaves his home there is no guarantee that he will return safely. Because, this common man has to face a terrorist attack or a natural calamity or any other problem.

In today’s fast paced world we have really forgotten our basic values and ethics. There has been great deterioration in the practice of values. Only the people who respect our culture and morals can run India successfully.

India’s political condition is very poor too. It is rightly said education is the chief defense of a nation. But the representatives who are elected to rule India are themselves not well-qualified to shoulder such a huge responsibility. This hinders India’s progress.
The solution to all these problems lies with the young generation of India whose energy will drive India onto a new growth path. Laws and constitutions do not by themselves make a nation great. But it is the energy, enthusiasm and constant efforts of the people that make it a great nation. I am sure we will live in an India that is united despite its diversities! An India which is not divided by caste, creed or gender! An India in which every citizen has the freedom of expression! An India in which the weak and the downtrodden are empowered! An India in which every citizen can lead a life of self respect, dignity and decency! An India where every individual is touched by the hand of progress! And an India where every citizen feels proud to say- I am an Indian!

Atharva S Sontakke
Std.X B


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Very well written.

Vande Mataram

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Very glad to see that my school is moving ahead with time and has started a blog and a website....

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