Monday, May 10, 2010

Lesson Planning Workshop

A two day workshop for lesson planning was arranged by the Quality Development Committee in the school at the end of the academic year 2009-10.

English Language and Primary Teachers

Teachers from English Primary and Secondary as well as Marathi Primary and Secondary had participated in the workshop.  The teachers spent their last two days of the year analyzing the curricular content from 7.30 in the morning to 5.30 in the evening.    Social Sciences Group

In the workshop, the teachers attempted techniques to plan the lessons in the least possible time. Members of the school committees and the Governing Council were present to steer the activity.  Committee Members

They were grouped under four subject-heads viz. Science and Maths, Indian Languages, English and Social Sciences. Ms. Tharval, Mr. Desai, and Ms. Patil and Mr. Pawar led the Maths and Science group, while Ms. Mistry, Ms. Shimoga headed the English group. Ms. Vanmali, Ms. Dahanukar were the leaders for Marathi, Ms. Raut led the Hindi teachers.

Library Support

The teachers were supported in their endeavour by our computer and library staff. Shri. Pravin Puralkar and Ms. Megha Rane headed the library team and the computer team respectively.  The notes of workshop participants were promptly computerised thanks to the support offered by sub-staff and non-teaching participants headed by Ms. A. J. Gadgil.

Maths and Science teachers  Mr. Wagh, Mr. Bendale, Ms. Rajadhyaxa, Ms. Save and Ms. Tharval led the entire activity as school officials while Ms. Rodrigues and Ms. Churi headed the Primary Group.Hindi and Marathi

Ms. Chougule, the facilitator, had meticulously prepared for the two-day programme. Mr. Prafulla Thakare, Secretary, VPM,  Mr. Dilip Mhambrey and Mr. Rahul Kelkar, heads of the Secondary and Primary School committees respectively, along with committee members Shri. Yogesh Sangle and Shri. Ranjit Rane were a motivating presence. Shri. Vinayak Newrekar, Shri. Vasuki Haranhalli guided the computerization effort.

Computer support

Shri. Ranjan Sawant and Shri. Anil Pendharkar, Members, GC, attended the workshop and the preparatory meetings.



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