Friday, March 6, 2009

Science Day Celebration

VPM’s English Secondary Section
Report on Science Day Celebration

28th February,2009 is celebrated as ‘National Science Day’ all over India in memory of Great Indian Scientist Sir C. V. Raman’s discovery about scattering of light and Raman effect. For this discovery he was awarded the Noble prize in 1930. He was the first Indian & Asian Scientist to get the Noble Prize in physics.
On account of National Science Day, Nehru Science Centre had organized ‘Science Festival’ in which various competitions and lectures were conducted. English Secondary Section has participated in Drawing and Quiz competitions for students, Essay writing competition for teachers. On 27th Feb, 25 students and a teacher attended the ‘Meet the Scientist’ programme. Scientist gave lectures on the topics- Chandrayan 1 – Indian Mission to Moon, Exploring the High Energy Frontier-LHC project and India in CMS.
On 28th February,2009, a batch of 25 students and a teacher attended Sir C. V. Raman Memorial lecture and Valediction given by Mr. A. S. Manekar, the Chairman of Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai. They also observed Science exhibits and viewed Odyssie, the film show in newly constructed Doom – Theatre
English Secondary Section celebrated the National Science Day on 27th February, instead of 28th Since 28th was non-instructional day for the students of English Secondary Section. Science teachers explained to the students about the importance of celebrating 28th February,2009 as a Science Day. Students were told to bring articles related to science such as scientific facts, information about scientists, discoveries etc. All these articles were displayed in the class and school bulletin boards. All the students were told to read the articles compulsory. Some selective and innovative articles were read in the class.

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