Thursday, March 12, 2015

Junior Scientists Golds @ Homi Bhabha

With the constant support and blessings if our well-wishers, teachers and parents, our students have been making their mark in various fields.

Two of our students Mast. Yash Sandeep Sawant- Std.IX/A (English Medium)and Swarangi Santosh Saraf - Std.IX/A (Marathi Medium) won Gold Medals in Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition.

The project of Mast.Yash Sawant titled "Think Globally, Act Locally" on the topic "Reducing Carbon Footprint" involved

1) Reducing Electricity, Consumption by
a) Getting sunlight in house during daytime by a "Solar Tracking Reflector" developed using a Pedestal Fan
b) Using LED Lamps for Lighting.
c) Optimizing refrigerator Thermostat setting as per food and Drugs Administrator recommendations.
d) Using Tablet computers instead of Desktop computers.

2) Reducing cars fuel consumption by using the wasted heat in exhaust gases for running car air conditioner.

The project of Ms.Swarangee Saraf titled Reduction in Carbon footprint by Air conditioning without electricity

Swarangee found a way to reduce carbon footprints by her way. She has done it by avoiding the usage of electricity completely while enjoying air conditioning in a household or at the office or at any workplace.

This miracle of ‘No Electricity Air Conditioning’ is made possible by a simple principle of convection of air. The working model of it shows that cooling of closed room is very much possible by using sunlight heat and is directly proportional to the intensity of heat of the sun. This phenomenon is very useful especially in a hot weathered country like India.

Being a developing nation, India is going through a phase that demands great amount of energy and at the same time there is a powerful pressure on us not to increase our carbon emission beyond limit. While at it, ‘cutback’ policy cannot share the adequate measure for the purpose. In such the situation, Swarangee feels that finding out such the ‘Out Of Box’ ideas will really work out to be effective way to keep the nation ahead in the race of energy. 

Hearty congratulations to Yash, Swarangee and their parents alongwith our science teachers, Ms. Nilima Khadatkar, Ms. Reshma Shinde and Ms. Pallavi Patil. You have made your school proud.

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