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21st Oct. 11- Diwali celebrations – Sweets were distributed among students.

22nd Oct., 11 – A Craft workshop for all primary teachers was organised in the school. It was conducted by Mrs. Kalpita Vartak, our Balodyan teacher. She showed different ways of using waste materials in an artistic manner to make beautiful articles.

All teachers actively participated in the activities and enjoyed the Craft and Art workshop.

24th Oct., to 10th Nov.,11- Diwali Vacation - During Diwali vacation our teachers, Mrs. Churi, Mrs. Honkote and Mrs. Hede conducted classes for scholarship students of Std IV from 3rd Nov., to 12th Nov.

11th Nov., 11- After 20 days of relaxing Diwali holidays, the school reopened on 11th Nov.11. A message given on account of ‘Shikshan Din’ by our honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was read out on the microphone by a secondary student. As this day is the birthday of our first education minister Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, hereafter it will be celebrated as ‘Education Day'.

14th Nov., 11- Children’s Day was celebrated with joy, excitement and happiness. Mrs. Hede narrated the stories as well as the importance of the day. Cakes were distributed among students. Children were very happy.

14th Nov., & 15th Nov., 11- Our H.M, Mrs. Rodrigues, attended a meeting conducted by BMC at SVP High School, Kandivli and St. Francis D’Assisi, Borivali respectively to discuss the schedule of upcoming competitions.

17th Nov., 11- ‘R/N Ward Fancy Dress competition’ was conducted at St. Louis High School. Ms. Vaishnavi Barve from Std IV/A participated in this competition and bagged the 2nd prize. She was dressed as King Alexander. She was accompanied by Mrs. Churi.

21st to 24th Nov.11- Sports is an integral part of education to inculcate values of team work and competitive spirit in the children. They learn the qualities of co-operation, tolerance, discipline, justice, fair-play and obedience.

‘The Annual Sports Meet’ was held for Std I to IV on our school ground. Various events like hopping, book- balancing, running, potato-race etc. were taken. Children participated actively and enjoyed the Sports Day.

25th Nov. 11- ‘R/N Ward Story- Telling Competition’ was conducted in our school. Marathi & English primary teachers & HM’s & non- teaching staff worked whole heartedly to make this event a grand success. 36 schools from R/N ward participated in this competition. Ms. Simran Desai from Std I participated in this competition and bagged the 4th prize. This competition was graced by the presence of AO., BO. & also HMs of various schools.

26th Nov.11- The management conducted a meeting of teachers and H.Ms of all section’s & mediums. This meeting was regarding the activities to be conducted in the II term of the school. Topics such as students' discipline, parent’s expectation from teachers, code of conduct for teachers were discussed. HM’s of all sections & mediums presented their II term planning.

27th Nov. 11- NELTAS English Competitive exam was conducted in our school.

29th Nov. 11- The most exciting event in the school is the picnic. This year, the children from Std I to IV were taken for the Annual Picnic to Green Hill Resort, Vasai. …….students were accompanied by 11 teachers & 10 sub staff members. Children had a great time in the water park. Children enjoyed delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks. After lunch, a magic show was arranged for all.

1st Nov. 11 onwards – The preparations for the annual gathering are in full swing.

Results of Inter-School Competition .

1) R/N Ward’s Fancy Dress Competition Ms. Vaishnavi Barve (Std IV) bagged the second prize.

2) R/N Ward’s Story–Telling Competition Ms. Simran Desai (Std I) bagged the fourth prize.

3) Children’s Singing Competition organised by Vishwa Charitable Trust.

a) Mst. Arjun M. Nagapurkar (Std I) bagged the first prize.

b) Ms. Shravani Mhapadi (Std II) bagged the consolation prize.

4) Drawing Competition held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Sankul Organisation’s

ground, Dahisar (E).

Mst. Mrugank Pathare (Std I) bagged the third prize.

5) Bombay Arts and Sports on the spot Drawing Competition. The

following students bagged the prizes.

Prize Names Std

I Ms. Pradnya Polaji IV

II Mst. Yash Rane IV

III Ms. Niharika Sawant IV

III Ms. Harshali Nagvekar III

III Ms. Saasha Desai III

Consolation Ms. Drashti Vyas IV

Consolation Ms. Anushka Kadam IV

Consolation Ms. Tanisha Agarwal III

Fund CollectionRs. 4000/- was collected by the students of Std II, III and IV towards ‘Bhaubij Yojana’ of ‘Vatsalya Trust.’

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