Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Report on Aptitude test and Counselling for student of std X

An Aptitude test for students of std X was conducted on 1st july 2009 and was followed by a counselling on 21st sept `09 by Mrs.Shailaja Muley (Counsellor , Co-ordinator & Moderator in S.S.C board, Vice Principal of ST.Micheal`s High School,Mahim).

Counselling session on 21st began at 8.30 in morning.The Counsellor Mrs.Shailaja Muley discussed the result of their aptitude test with each student in details.She guided them regarding the selection of stream after std X .She also guided the parents about how to handle their ward throughout the year.The students and parents asked their queries and doubts which were clarified by the counsellor .

Parents were very much satisfied for the guidance given to them.They were grateful to the school for arranging such counselling session and suggested that school should continue such activity in the forthcoming years.

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