Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My friend, Reena, has lots of friends and seems to have all the luck in the world. She sees the proverbial glass to be half full instead of half empty. She would be an asset to any organization playing a key role in keeping the morale of the players at a constant high.

What makes her click?

She has a positive attitude.

We can, all of us, work on our attitude on a daily basis to ensure that we are having a positive effect on our institute, our colleagues, parents and the little children in our charge.


Our interactions are largely governed by our mood on that particular day. This in turn is dependent on the atmosphere at home, the scenario in school and the events till that moment. Is it possible to exude positivity when we are angry or depressed? OF COURSE! Would you forgive a surgeon for doing a shabby job because he was upset with his wife? OF COURSE NOT! All of us have to strive to be actors, to behave in a certain prescribed way regardless of our feelings. We must remember that 50-70 tiny-tots are looking up at us with eagerness and trust. They would be hurt if we suddenly changed from a smiling individual to a frowning one. Their innocent faces should work as a salve on our wounds. We must be our organizations ‘star performers’. This does not mean that we should be ‘mere robots’ performing the mechanics of teaching. What a different workplace we would create if all of us would be focused on the noble task of instructing, encouraging and moulding.


A negative person has the capacity to spoil your day. We must avoid them like the plague. At least limit our interactions to a minimum. Kudos to those, who are so strong as to bring them around to see their own point of view. We must evaluate ourselves on a daily basis. Put a check on all negative thoughts. Get into the daily habit of giving ourselves positive inputs. The subconscious mind has tremendous power. It will work to fulfill our thoughts both negative as well as positive. We should do what we love to do most. A daily walk, half an hour in the pursuit of a hobby and 20 minutes devoted to oneself, for the purpose of introspection, will work wonders.


One often hears that organizations aren’t profuse in appreciating good work. They expect all the employees to put in their best but are slow to praise. Motivation is an ‘inside job’. Though it is easier said than done, all of us must be self propelled. Our ‘star performers’ shouldn’t depend on the fruits of their labour to perform once again. It should be a labour of love with no expectations. Remember--The source of all bliss is the dedicated performance of duty.

In short we should-----

# Want to work sincerely

# Enjoy what we do

# Take pride in our work

# Care about our colleagues, students and their parents

# Be dependable, energetic, enthusiastic and open to new ideas

# Be fun to be with

# Be a positive influence through our words and action.

So let us analyse our attitude and create and sustain a healthy work environment.

Let us be positive in our outlook



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